Sunday, July 24, 2016

Week 20

Day 145: Another p-day come and gone. Didn't do much. Knocked some doors. Went and saw S. Usual missionary stuff.

Day 146: Went knocking, taught Ch who is so excited to be baptised, stopped by Sh, had tea at the Gore's, went to ward coordination and taught C. We were walking home later that evening when a guy we had contacted a few weeks passed ran into us again. He remembered me and said that he had told his wife and some friends about us because he thought it was so great that young women like ourselves are going out and talking to people about God. So that was cool. He still wasn't really interested, but cool to know people appreciate what we do.

Day 147: I was well tired this day... And some grumpy old lady told me to get a real job. Nothing much happened. This guy tried to hold hands with Sister Lundahl, that was funny and awkward.

Day 148: Went on exchange! I went with Sister Chamings, who is seriously Wendy from Peter Pan. Taught some people, had a good day. Killed my feet. Someone thought I was Canadian again. That keeps happening now that I am no longer with another American.... Sister Barry said that she always feels like companions are meant to be with each other, but for some reason, she said she felt like that was especially true for Sister Lundahl and I. Interesting thought.

Day 149: Oh, little dumb miracle. I had prayed that I would receive a letter from someone when I got home from exchange... And when we got home from exchange there was a letter right there on the ground waiting for me. Yes, God even listens to our dumb things sometimes. He knew what it meant to me, so He helped it to happen. God loves us so much! Knocked some doors, went to go see Ch and her house was all smoky and I got worried. It was her friend, and Ch had said no when she offered her one as well! Yay Chl!!!

Day 150: So, something that I have really learned a lot about since coming on my mission is trying to follow the Spirit more. And today I think I did a better job about it. We were knocking somewhere, and it was not being very productive. That is when I had the thought to go knock back where Sister Lundahl and I were knocking her very first day. So we did. And then once we were on the street, I felt like we should knock from the opposite end we were on. And Sister Lundahl thought I was just being weird, but I just told her that I felt like we should. No, we don't have a story about finding this like picture perfect golden investigator. Instead, we found this amazing person, who is actually an excommunicated member. She was absolutely lovely. We had such a good chat with her and she said we could come back around again. When we left, we felt like we were meant to meet her. It was so cool. God knows best! And it really showed me that God truly does remember all of His children, even the ones who have gone away for a bit. So cool. And then that night, we street contacted a lady who gave us doughnuts. You could say it was a pretty good day. ;)

Day 151: Sh came to church! But had to leave because A sort of threw a fit... But it was awesome she came. She is so close to her due date... She also had us over for tea, which was so good! I have never had minted lamb before, but news flash, it is good. She really does do good food. Sadly, Ch did not come to church. We stopped by her house in the evening, and good thing we did. She felt bad about it. She got really anxious, and that's why she didn't go. So we were able to reassure her and help her by coming by. Thankfully, she does still have a desire to be baptised, so we are still moving forward! She is so great. Like everyone else, she has her struggles, but we are doing our best to help her!

So lesson learned this week, trust God's timing. It is so much better than our own. Just remember that when things don't work out as planned!!!

Love you guys!!! <3

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Week 19: Swedish Fish

Apparently Swedish Fish are actually quiet American. And why do I bring this up? Because of my new Swedish trainee, Sister Lundahl!! Obviously, she is from Sweden, she is 20, has two older brothers, she loves the outdoors, and is the sweetest person ever! And as I am writing this I feel like I am trying to set her up on a date... That is weird. Oh well. Moving right along....

Day 138: Happy Fourth of July!!! Weird to celebrate it in the country we declared independence from... Oh well! We went out with S and K, which was well fun. They are so sweet. We had lunch and walked about, then they brought us back to York. We then met up with the other missionaries there where Sister Barry had organized a 4th of July barbecue for all of us. And for some reason, we trusted the non-Americans to cook the burgers... They set off the fire alarm ;) Love them. And once p-day was over, we ran to Sh's, A's and S's and had little testimony meetings. It was so great. And even though I wasn't going anywhere, it was a pretty emotional thing. It was so wonderful. I am so blessed to be a part of the lives of these amazing people.

Day 139: Woke up early, got the bus, got the train... And picked up my trainee!!! AAAHHH!! I can't believe it. So crazy... I can't believe that I am at this point in my mission... She is so great though. We ended up finding most of the day and had tea at the Cosens'. So not too terrible of a first day...

Day 140: I am pretty sure everything is conspiring against me to make me feel miserable as a trainer. Everything has been falling through... Also, it is weird to be back in the 12 week program. Three hours of study is a lot longer than two... Went and saw L and B, so at least we didn't find all day...

Day 141: I'm starting to understand some of the things Sister Wood would do a lot better now that I am in her shoes. We went and taught Sh, where A was pretty tired, making it hard to teach. We also then taught Ch, and brought S with us. Had the easiest law of chastity lesson I have ever had, oh my goodness, she is so excited to be baptised!!! Things are falling into place as far as Ch seems to be going. Which is awesome. Went and saw P at the end of the day, R was there, so that was nice.

Day 142: Everything fall through again.... Not sure if I like this whole responsibility thing... At least I know the area and the people we can go by and such...

Day 143: Saw Sh again. Talked to lots of people. Nothing exciting. Got caught in an evening down pour.

Day 144: Ch came to church!!!! Yay!!!! And Sh would have if it wasn't' for a bit of miscommunication. But Ch liked it and said she wanted to come again, so yay!!! Also, Sister Lundahl and I were chatting as we were out finding, and it just like hit me just how many people are praying for me. Maybe not always specifically for me, but for missionaries in general. All the people at the temple, in church meetings, on individual basis, so many people pray for missionaries. Yeah, it was just a cool little moment I had while walking down Green Lane again.

So yeah. That has been my week! Hope you are all having a good one as well! Love you guys!!!! Miss you!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week 18: Transfer #4

Soooooo..... We got our transfer call last night! And I am staying here in the beautiful city of York! But Sister Wood is going. And I am training. And now I am also panicking a bit as well. It'll be exciting. Next week I will be able to tell you how it actually is! I pick her up tomorrow!
With new Mission President Turvey & his wife

Day 131: Another zone p-day full of fun games and such. Including human Hungry Hippos... That was a bit of a dangerous game.... But fun! And then afterwards, we went finding for 3 hours because all of our plans fell through, which is seriously the worst.

Day 132: Went and saw both C and S! C said that we are her guardian angels, which was very sweet. And then S said that I always look posh... Which is hilarious since I for sure just look like a frumpy sister missionary 95% of the time....  Also, she says I am going to marry Mr. Muscle, which is funnier to me because it is actually a cleaning product here. And then we also saw C again. A lot of running around to different lessons basically, which is always fun! :)

Day 133: We had to open the building and turn on the heating before 7 am because of an STL meeting that was happening there later. It is both the best and the worst living right by the building... Knocked lots of doors in the rain, had some good conversations, it was fun. Especially when it started getting windy as well! We then also went to S's, which is always the best! She is seriously the sweetest lady.

Day 134: We cleaned the building with the elders... Because we met President Turvey today!!! He is pretty cool. I think I will like him. It is a bit weird making the switch, but we will manage. I don't think a whole lot is going to change... Maybe our use of iPads, but other than that, we are just going to keep going the way we are. We then went to tea at the Gores, and Sister Gore brought us and Ch to the building for the Relief Society activity! C also came, so that was awesome.

Day 135: Sister Wood and I had our last Weekly Planning.... Weird... And then we went to see S and Ch again, so that was great. They are progressing so well. Love them.

Day 136: Went contacting for a bit and then saw Sh again with Sister Cosens... And Sh surprised us with making us lunch! Spag bol and brownies she had put Ferrero Roche in, making them really yummy. Got flogged a few more times. Visited Pat and Barbara... We were street contacting down the road when this lady stopped us! She complimented my skirt. And then we got chatting and she wanted us to meet her dog so we went with her to her house... Where she lives with her sister, a lady we have contacted like 5 or 6 times! Turns out, they have family members who are members, and we taught them and scheduled them for baptism!!!! It was awesome. Miracles are so real.

Day 137: Sh came to church!!! It was so great. The only thing was A kind of running around everywhere, but that is to be anticipated by a two year old coming to church for the first time. We also went to see S again, but then we were surprised by a house full of people! K, A, S, L, and S's friend were all there, so that was quite unanticipated.... Missions really do keep us on our toes....

Well wish me luck folks! Cause I am starting a new adventure tomorrow! One that I really don't know if I can do! I am quite nervous, but I know God has called me for a reason, and it is up to me to find our what that reason is!!! Love you guys! I'm sure you will hear all about it next week :)

Sister Barret

Week 17: Regulars

You can tell you have been in one place with the same person for awhile when you get called regulars by a bus driver. We have a couple of bus driver friends now... But transfers are coming up, next time I email I will be able to tell all of you what is going on!
Sister Barry & Sister Barret

Day 124: Just a normal p-day for the most part... We ended up going to see A, which is always great. She says that she would believe in everything else if she knew that God was there. We are having a struggle with her, trying to help her see how the Spirit has touched her already in her life. She has been reading and praying though, so that's awesome.

Day 125:Happy Birthday Chelsey! We went out knocking doors. And then went out to a village called Bishopthorpe to knock more doors. And then knocked some doors in town. And that is when we got let in by this cool Indian couple. They were fun. And because we got let in, we then had to run to the Munzer's for tea. And then we went and saw S. She was having a bit of a struggle, so we abandoned our original plans and helped comfort and strengthen her. It is amazing when you can see the difference so clearly in someone who was down and then had their spirits lifted. It is so incredible.

Day 126: Had District Meeting. Went to go teach S with Sister Cosens. It was so great. S is totally progressing. We then went by some potentials, and C let us in and we scheduled her for baptism! She was so great. She isn't a very religious person, but she does know that God is there. So that was pretty awesome, starting to teach her. Also, don't touch stinging nettle. It is the worst. We went to tea at this one members house who lived way out in the middle of nowhere... And I want their house so bad. It was a beautiful house. Sorry, that is random, but true.

Day 127: The EU referendum vote... And we went on exchange! So Sister Barry and I went out together. We taught some people, found a new investigator, had a pretty good day that was just full of miracles! Missions are the best.

Day 128: After exchange, we ran to teach C again. She loved the Plan of Happiness. Who doesn't love God's plan? It is the best. We then went out into Poppleton, never the best place for finding, but we were going to some members house for tea, so we had to be... But we did find one potential, so that was good at least. It is funny, because we talk to a lot of people on the streets, we hear a lot about the current political situation. It is very interesting to hear all of the different opinions.

Day 129: Taught S again! She isn't feeling well and A was being difficult, so it was a bit of a struggle to teach, but because we brought Sister Cosens again, we were able to manage. There was some fun thunder while we were out finding, but it never started raining on us. It didn't start raining till we were safely inside S's house. :) England is fun... We had tea with S, A, and K, and then after, we taught A again. We just really talked about who God is to each of us. It was great. We were finally able to help her see how the Spirit has touched her and has continued to change her life. It's amazing to see that. Also, S has started doing this thing where she gives us chocolate when we come by... I love her, but it is not helpful to eating healthy! Especially since English chocolate is so much better than American...

Day 130: Despite the number of investigators we have, none were able to come to church. And each had relatively valid reasons for not coming. Especially S, she had been at the hospitol all night because of her chest infection. She had A with her, so that wasn't easy. Also, she is 8 months pregnant, which I feel like makes everything harder... But other than that, she is doing still so great. C is also doing well, but also has her own difficulties. She felt really bad about not coming. She was worried we wouldn't want to talk to us anymore... She gave us these little cards that she had gotten from a church in Jerusalem a long time ago... She is so cute. She said she only gives them out to people who are special to her. ;) Being out in the rain is always so much fun...