Sunday, August 7, 2016

Week 22: A Sunday Surprise!

Day 159: Bumped into Sh while we were out and about shopping, can't believe how much energy she has despite being way overdue... Also, went to Primark for the first time today... It is a pretty great store. Kind of like Target in a way I would say would be the closest American equivalent. After p-day though, we had like the best lesson ever with Ch, talk about spirit guided. We felt so great afterwards. It was awesome. I don't really remember half of it, so you know it must have been something good. ;)

Day 160: Went and saw J again, he's been doing pretty well. Knocked some doors that we found out the elders had knocked like two days prior (the struggle of sharing an area...). Went and saw L again. She is seriously the chattiest lady I have ever met. Which is great, unless you need to hurry!

DAy 161: Sh still hasn't had her baby, we went and saw her for a bit before she had to go to the hospital to make sure everything was still okay. S came with us to see Ch again, it was another great lesson, and we set up a time for her baptism interview!! 

Day 162: Whoo! Zone training! It was of course super great, I have some really great mission leadership and my zone is just the best! Afterwards, we ran over to go see A, which was good since it's been awhile and she needed the upliftment. She then gave us some chocolates, a few little white chocolate mousse cups (which were great) and a cucumber. That's always fun... After that, we ran back to the church where we had our interviews with President Turvey. While our companions were in with him, we also had a chat with Sister Turvey. It was fun having a chat with them, letting them know a bit about myself and about how things are going here in York. Later, we went finding, had tea with the Bartons, went and saw P again and just helped her understand the Book of Mormon. I seriously love talking about the Book of Mormon.

Day 163: Went to go see Ch before her interview.... She didn't open the door. So interview cancelled. Couldn't get a hold of her. Rest of the day I was a bit grumpy... We ended up seeing the Turver's instead, which is always great. They are just so adorable. So we have been having beautiful weather here in York... Until literally the last half hour of the day, it just came in buckets. We were drenched in seconds. We were at B's, but then we had to get home somehow! We just got so soaked, we ended up jumping in puddles for the fun of it. It was quite fun.

Day 164: We walked a lot, my feet hurt  really bad when we got home. Met some really great people though, which is the best. We also saw J again, and Brother Wilkinson was able to pop by and meet him as well, so that was great. This ward is seriously so great. I love them so much. It is almost like my second home ward with how long I have been here. 

Day 165: Sunday. A day of absolute miracles. And I started out grumpy. I didn't have a good attitude on the day. We went out contacting for a bit, and ran into J, who was going to come to church, but was just kind of going to eat in the park right next door before hand. So yay! J surprised us and came to church, stayed the whole time, and loved it! After we were contacting though, we went in for lunch before church. We started cooking, when all of a sudden, we look out the window and we see Ch walking up to the church building, super early. I made Sister Lundahl drop everything and we literally ran to the church across the parking lot. We chatted with her, turns out she had been super sick and was sleeping all day, was keeping all of the commitments, and excited to be at church! We left her there so we could eat, I called Elder Vickers, and we all got to the church as quickly as we could and Ch had and passed her interview before the meeting even started! So yay! Ch is going to be baptised this Saturday!!! We are pretty excited for her and everything. Now we have a baptism to plan!