Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Week 30: Transfer 6

Hey everyone! Guess what?! I'm leaving York! It's crazy and I was
starting to think I'd be lucky enough to just stay here forever... But
alas, the time has come. I'm moving areas. But, I am not moving very
far away. I am staying in the same zone! I will still be in the York
zone, but instead of serving in the York one ward, I will be serving
over in Pontefract with Sister Pro! I've met her before, she's been
serving there in Pontefract for awhile now, and she's great!

Day 215: Another zone p-day, so fun. Played some land hockey and other
various games... Also found out a lot of the zone is more musically
inclined than they had originally let on. Afterwards, we tried to make
contact with Ch... Still no luck. Ended up visiting a member. And
then that night, I convinced Sister Lundahl to dye her hair for the
first time! So funny. And fun. And looks good!

Day 216: Got flogged like twenty times.... But we had a good time
knocking doors.... This guy opened the door and I started talking and
said something about us being volunteers for our church.... He looked
at us and asked "oranges?" I was so confused! I had no idea what he
was talking about!!! And then I kind of repeated myself and he was all
like, "Oh, I know who you are, you're Jehovah's Witnesses, I can
read." I just looked at him thinking no..... No.... Not at all... Man,
some people really make me laugh. We then went to have tea at the
Gore's house with the elders, which is still weird. Oh well. Then we
went to ward coordination like usual. Afterwards, we then went to see
if we could go by S. Couldn't find her, she wasn't in, but then I
oddly decided to go down a random snicket.... Where she was walking
our way! Thank goodness! She invited us up and we finally made contact
again! Yay!

Day 217: We had district meeting, last one of the transfer, and the
APs and zone leaders were all there! And my DL had asked me to
instruct the training model! Ack! It was the first time I've done that
outside of my own companionship.... I was a bit stressed with such an
audience... But it happened, I survived. Went by a potential, she
wasn't in, which was still disappointing as ever. We continued on our
way... But then a car pulled up beside us, it was her! She had to go
pick up her son who had just had an accident at school and had to take
him to the doctor, but came back just to tell us she hadn't forgotten
us! So great! We were so happy! Knocked some doors and had some good
conversations. Some guy asked if we were Mormons or JWs. We told him
and he said that we didn't look like JWs. I wonder what he meant....
Visited a less active, had tea at a members house, went to see Sh
again. And she is finally reading the Book of Mormon again! Yay!

Day 218: Went to a potential lesson out in a village.... And
scheduled! L is a lovely lady and is curious to find out if God is
really there. So yeah. That was awesome. We then also went to visit a
less active, which turned out to be weirdly inspired. And then we had
tea with S, K was also there and actually sat in on the lesson
portion, where I know he felt the spirit... Then we went to the chapel
where someone was supposed to meet us, but alas, no show. Sad. But
still a good day in general!

Day 219: Knocked some doors, visited a member who is going through a
bit of a hard time because her father is passing away, had tea at
bishops, where he referred us to someone! We are pretty excited about
that! Tried to see Chl, still nothing... Had popped by the chapel
to help clean up after some baptisms, K, who was taught by the
York two sisters thanked me because it was actually Sister Barry and I
who had found her and taught her for the first time. Made me feel good

Day 220: Went to see Sh again, had lunch with her. Man, she
seriously has the cutest daughters ever. We then went by a potential
and then had tea at a members house... Basically, we kind of just ate
a lot....

Day 221: Last day of Sister Lundahl's 12 Week training. Crazy. Hope
she learned enough from me! Sacrament meeting was so good, it was a
missionaries farewell. His uncle spoke first, talking about missionary
work and all the hardships and blessings... He said something about
saying farewell to his son and then later thinking about how that may
have been the last time he ever saw his son because missionaries can
die since we are humans too.... Man, the ward lost it. Everyone just
started laughing so hard, us and the elders were all sitting there
thinking, well thanks for that thought.... It was so funny. It was
good though. Got to say sorta goodbyes to people since I wasn't sure
at that point if I was going, I just thought I was. After church, had
tea with some members, got flogged, visited another less active and
then we're in early for transfer calls!

And that's my week! Hope you are all doing well, seeing miracles,
sharing the gospel, serving others, all that good stuff that makes
life worth while! Love you guys! Wish me luck in Pontefract!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 28: Service With a Smile :)

Day 201: During p-day Sister Lundahl and I bought a notebook and wrote
our testimonies in it for Ch. We also printed out a picture of all of us at her baptism.
And then bought a frame for it. When we gave it to her
that night she was soooo happy and surprised. Love her.

Day 202: Did lots of finding, that was fun. Also went to see B
and then later, R. Pretty uneventful day more or less.

Day 203: Was feeling a bit low.... But we ended up having good day!
Found some people, taught some less actives, got an opportunity to
give service.... It was just a good day.

Day 204: Went out to a random village on the outside of the main part
of York. Nice to get out of Acomb for a bit. Plus we met some nice
people, so that is always great!

Day 205: We were out knocking when the elders came walking down
the road...Apparently they had planned to knock the same road, awkward. Got
flogged a few times, found some potentials, good stuff. Went and saw
S, that's always great. Her son Sh actually sat in the whole lesson, we
still have hopes for him!

Day 206: Went by Sh, but she was sleeping, so we just left a note.
We then headed out to help L with the elders to move a cemented
together rock wall from one place to another in her back garden. It
was hard work, but it felt really good actually, different and out of
our usual routine. Showed up one of the elders by moving a rock he
didn't want to lift. Lol. Went by P that evening. It was a good day.

Day 207: Went to church without anyone with us, no investigators, no
less actives, no recent converts.... It was kinda sad, but they all
had their reasons and such. So we sat by a member... And then towards
the end of sacrament meeting, I see Sh with her girls, and also her
friend, G and her daughter, M. M ended up running in and
sitting with us, the rest of them stayed out in the hall till the
sacrament was over. But they were all there, and they enjoyed it. 😊
Miracles happen! Did some finding after that... Yup. That's been my

What can I say? Service to others brings miracles, even if the miracle
is completely unattached to the service you are giving. It's great!

Sister Barret


Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 27: the sun shines on the righteous

Our lovely elderly neighbour Barry said this to us as we were leaving
the flat Sunday. He couldn't have been more right! We did have another
day of more or less lovely weather. Seriously, Sister Lundahl has only
had like four days of being really rained on since coming on her
mission. It was basically every day when I came out... She thinks
England is a beautiful sunshiny place... Just wait. In like a week
it'll be back to raining every day.... Oh well.

Day 194: Had some fish and chips. Played lots of volleyball with the
other missionaries. So fun. Slightly crashed the other ward’s barbecue.
Good day in general. Talk to the same guy for the third time. Went to
Ch's and started making baptism arrangements.

Day 195: Was sore from playing volleyball... Fixed up Ch's
baptismal programme. We then went
and saw Ch. Had a lesson with her, then she had to go to sort
something out at the bank, we promised her it'd be alright when we
prayed together, we then did some service for her by helping out in
her front garden.  While we were still working, she came back, and she said
she felt really calm when she got to the bus stop, and then at the
bank it was all alright. So yay! That was great. Miracles happen as
you serve those around you! 😊 Also, a very affectionate cat showed up
half way through, that was weird... We then saw S, who is still so
strong and amazing. Went to ward coordination, always a fun one. And
then we went to go find Sh.... And we did! We finally saw her
again. Her friends are becoming less wary of us as we pop up more
often, I've decided we are going to baptise all of them one day. πŸ˜‰
you never know...

Day 196: Had some potential lessons that didn't work out, that's
always rough. Also went by a member, but she was running out. You know
what is awkward? When you are knocking somewhere, and like a door to
door salesperson comes behind you and ends up passing you.... Yeah, we
go elsewhere because people really don't like us then... Had tea at
the C’s, and then went to see Ch with Sister Barton. That was
super great. Sister Barton has such an amazing testimony of the
gospel. The Barton’s were converts when they were a young family, and
they have such amazing testimonies. Love them. Plus, they have been
super helpful with family history.

Day 197: Zone Conference! It was like a dual, zone training and zone
conference.... That lasted for about seven and a half hours.... It was
a bit of a long day, but it went fast because it was of course great!
I love my zone leaders, they are so hilarious. For this conference,
they came up with a hilarious little hashtag for all of us to remember
what we learned:  #crownsup πŸ‘‘ yeah. That's a thing now. And it
is because we are kingdom builders, we are heirs to a heavenly throne
and we are here to help others find their divine potential as well.
Yup. Everyone should use it. And throughout the time we were together,
Elder Iakopo or Elder SchΓ€fer would randomly say "Crowns up!" and we
would all put our hands to our head, fingers spread wide, for our
crowns. I feel like that sums up just how crazy missionaries are....

But besides that, we had a very uplifting, inspiring, and instructive
conference. We talked a lot a lot a lot about member involvement and
how it truly is the key. We all need to work together in helping our
brothers and sisters return to live with God again. Because who
doesn't want that? We all want to be able to run up to each other at
that day, rejoicing that the other was able to find the gospel and
stay strong in it. Such an amazing thing to think about. So I
thought it was great to receive some instruction on the subject. A
member in the York stake high council came to speak to us and he said
something interesting about what he discovered about sharing the
gospel with his friends:  that it is never too early to invite them to
something. Doesn't have to be learning from the missionaries or coming
to church that first time, but even just inviting them into his home,
inviting them to a ward activity, less scary things like that. He has
come to find it really does work and he's seen lots of his friends
accept the gospel. I share this not because I want all of you to start
inviting everyone you know to everything, but maybe think of one
person and a small way you can help introduce them to the gospel so
they could accept it one day. We also talked a lot about finding and
having the faith to find, which is something that once again, I needed
to hear. Cause I have been struggling in that particular aspect of
missionary work lately.... Even though I know I clearly haven't spoken
to everyone yet and I obviously still have a reason to be here in
York. It's something I understand intellectually, but I'm having a
hard time with the faith aspect of it. Alas, there are always people.
Just gotta keep going!

Day 198: Ch is so excited for her baptism! Knocked some doors,
nothing too crazy. Tried to see Sh again, but she has had a lot of
crazy things happen lately. πŸ˜•

Day 199: Ch's baptism! It happened! We had some minor scares, but
it all worked out! It was beautiful! Everything went so well. She had
a bit of an anxiety attack after going into the water, but we got her
out, she was able to do it! And a few minutes later, she was soooo
happy! Just glowing. She was so full of lovely feelings. Sister
Lundahl and I made some really great refreshments, that was fun. It
was a lovely service. Because we were in the Relief Society room
instead of the chapel due to York 2  having a baptism in there,
and a wedding that was there 95% of the
day.... Oh well. We made it work. Got everything cleaned up and set up
in time! It was great. Ch was just so so happy and excited.

Day 200: Can you believe it's been 200 days? Feels like a lot when I
say that. Oh well. Ch was confirmed! She was once again, so happy.
It was great. After church, we went and saw P, who said we were an
answer to her prayer, and then went and saw K. And that was that!
A good week over all!

Love all of you!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Week 26: Miracles

Day 187: After pday, we went to go see Ch. Oh my gosh, an amazing
thing happened. She finally opened up to us. She told us her whole
life story, and oh my gosh it was amazing. She is an amazing person
and she makes so much more sense to us now! She had gone to do family
history for the first time that morning and she loved it. I now have a
testimony that doing family history produces absolute miracles. It was
the breakthrough we needed to continue to help her progress.

Day 188: Normal day... Someone didn't show, no one wanted to talk with
us, visited with some members, knocked on some doors, went to a
meeting.... All good stuff.

Day 189: After district meeting and before heading out on exchange
Elder Barney gave me a blessing. We then went to their area and had a
good day. It was the first time I went on exchange with an STL other
than Sister Barry! Sister Connolly was so sweet and said some
very nice things to me. Very motivational, which I suppose is the
whole point.

Day 190: Rained all day, which I thought was appropriate. Saw Ch
and she showed us some photos of her life which was so cool to see.
Saw S which is always great of course.

Day 191: Ch's birthday was today! We surprised her with a cake,
she was so happily surprised! And she passed her baptismal interview!
Yay! We then went to tea with the elders at bishops house. And then we
went and saw L, and we hopefully have helped her to set a goal with
herself to come to church... So we will see.

Day 192: had a potential lesson, that was a bit odd. He had to after
being there for like five minutes... Oh well. Visited with some other
members. The elders came and gave Ch a blessing, that was great.

Day 193: Started figuring things out for Ch's baptism next week...
Not sure how it'll work out, but I know it will. And I know this
because during the sacrament,no had been praying about it, and then
all of the talks during sacrament meeting were about how God performs
miracles for those who trust in Him. So I was sitting there thinking,
well Heavenly Father, I get the picture, I just need to move forward
and trust Him. After church, we went and saw another less active
member, that was of course lovely. She's such a sweetie.

So that has been my week, hope you guys are doing well and seeing
miracles for yourself! Love you!

Week 25: Here We Go!

Day 180: Another pday. Went and had lunch with some other
missionaries, went to some shops, ended up at the chapel for a good
chunk of time with a bunch of other missionaries watching films. Good
stuff. Always nice to have just a chill day. Tried by Sh again and
still nothing... Ended up going to see Ch, who we had a great
lesson with. On her own she acknowledged the need for her to stop
smoking, so that was awesome. I was kind of tired when we went by, but
it was okay.

Day 181: Did some service for a lady by doing her back garden. That
was fun. Knocked some doors, talked to some lovely people. Had ward
coordination, met Elder Barney's new trainee Elder Holyoak. Nothing
too exciting.

Day 182: went to district meeting, met with a less active member who
contacted us through (that was intense), went and saw L
(who judged shaved her head for charity!), and partied hard. Sounds
like mission life right?!

Day 183: officially six months since I reported to the MTC crazy!!
Gave some more service, helped paint a raft thingy that I have a cute
picture on my camera of but I didn't ever use a computer today so I
can't exactly send it, sorry. Went to Ch's and read lots of Book
of Mormon with her to help her understand more.

Day 184: went and saw the Hicktons, I feel bad for them, they are
having some struggles due to their grandpa's health failing. It's sad.
I guess I kind of know what it's like. We then went to have tea at a
members house with the elders for the first time, that was fun. And a
bit totally weird. Went and saw P and R again. They are
seriously great.

Day 185: tried to see some people, summer makes missionary work
sometimes harder since no one ever seems to be in any more, even when
they say they will be. We got a text from some random number asking if
it I was that "American lass" that had knocked on his door. Funny how
random stuff like that happens. We also got another text from the less
active we met for the first time saying her partner was okay with her
seeing us again, so that was a huge comfort.

Day 186: Ch came to church again! She is so great. I also sang in
sacrament meeting. After church we went and saw Ch again. We just
have to keep slowly working with her. It'll be good. She still wants
to be baptised so that's great. Not too much else exciting happened
this week... Sorry for the boring email! I love you guys! ❤️

Week 24: Transfer 5

Yup, last night we got the phone call for transfer 5. Of course,
Sister Lundahl and I are staying quite comfortably right here. York 1
transfer 5 here I come!

Day 173:  We ended up going out for lunch with the York 2 sisters, to a real
restaurant, which was so weird... It was pretty good, we had a good
time. We then went around to some shops and headed over to the church
for zone p-day, which was way fun. The Culberts have the funniest
games for us to play. Afterwards, we went out finding before going out
to see P.

Day 174: ran around trying to have lessons and them not working out
for us... That's never fun.... What was fun was a little project we
were putting together for district meeting the next day. We had been
assigned to instruct on fun finding... So we went around videoing
ourselves talking to people (Sister Lundahl's idea). Don't worry, we
got permission from these people. It was hilarious. Had tea at the
Cosens, went to ward coordination, normal missionary stuff. Not all
that exciting of a day.

Day 175: okay, we had possibly the best district meeting ever. The
people in my district are a bit crazy, I love them, plus we had the
zone leaders, and they always have these wild ideas as well
Learned lots, felt the spirit, man, it was weird though. We finally
got a hold of Ch!!! Set something up for the next day. 😊 oh, I
almost lost Sister Lundahl. Without meaning to, I got off the bus
without her, I bought she was right behind me, like usual, but no...
Thankfully, she got off the bus at the next stop... Yeah, in case you
were wondering, I am the worst trainer ever... Man, I almost went into
a panic.

Day 176: went knocking, talked to some lovely people, made some new
friends. Finally saw Ch again! Not only were we able to lift her
spirits, but in general reassure her that everything was alright and
it'll all work out in the end. So that was great. For sure how to
follow the spirit as to how we could help her... Ended up seeing L,
which is always nice. Found out that apparently in our mission we are
all going to get a free flu shot... So yeah. Keeping up on that I

Day 177: went and saw T for the first time in forever. Her
daughter S was also there, so it was a good chance for us to shat
with her as well. T wants to get to the temple, so we are going to
try and help her in that. Went and saw S, that was of course
lovely. And then we went to Ch's. We retaught her the first
lesson, and she seemed to understand it a lot better, the spirit was
for sure there, it was cool. She even prayed at the end, which she
hasn't done in forever. And she still wants to get baptised! She said
she feels like the first time, she wasn't ready, but now she feels
more confident. So that was super awesome.

Day 178: Happy 6 year anniversary Chelsey and Owen! Knocked for a long
time.... That was fun of course.... Had tea with Ch at the
Barton's home. So nice of them to have us all. And they have just been
so kind to her. They are also helping her get started on her family
history, which is so great of them. Afterwards, we ended up going to
go see K. And I really feel like she is starting to maybe have a
bit of a change of heart in things. And while she was expressing a
concern of hers to us, all of a sudden, from her neighbors house, we
hear, "don't worry, be happy."

Day 179: Ch came to church and loved it! S bore her testimony
and her family came to support her! We taught gospel principles and it
went just fine! Basically, it was a pretty good Sunday. 😊

Hope you guys are all having a good week! Love you all! ❤️❤️❤️

Week 23: Patience!

Patience, something I have been trying to acquire more of in my life,
which may have been a mistake though to I pray for.... Because this
week for sure tried my patience. I felt like I had no energy on top of
all the crazy that happened... So here is hoping for a better week
ahead of me!

Day 166:  Ran into Sh grocery shopping again and still
couldn't believe that the baby hadn't come yet. After p-day, we went
to York2 to go on exchange! I ended up just coming back to York 1
though so we could go to the YSA FHE with an investigator. That was
fun. Haven't been to an FHE like that since like the beginning of my

Day 167: Not the most exciting exchanges have been on ever. Not a
whole lot to say about it to be honest.

Day 168: did some finding. Nothing too crazy.... Started getting
serious about baptism planning. Stuff like that. I decided that I
would never say no to missionaries when I'm back unless I have a
really good reason.

Day 169: made Ch programme, she's super excited, we are excited
as well, it's going great! Met a really cool guy and taught him for
the first time. Other normal missionary stuff.

Day 170: a bit of a roller coaster day... Lots of running around.
Ch is starting to get a bit nervous about being baptised.... But
we tried to help her as best we could and she said she would be fine
tomorrow. So here is hoping!

Day 171: Went and saw K for the first time! Seriously, the
cutest newborn baby I have ever seen. And A is so cute with her.
They are all so pretty. We weren't there long though because we had to
run to Ch's to go see her and go over some things before her
baptism that evening. We got to her house....the curtains were
closed....there was a note on the door... It read, Sorry, gone to
Lincoln, Ch. Yup. So that was a bit disappointing. Thankfully,
Brother Wilkinson was with us, so he immediately said that he would
let the ward know, that was handy. We called the elders and some other
people, but then went home to have the second half of our lunch hour
since we had cut it short earlier to get everything in, Elder Vickers
thought it'd be a good idea for us to do. So then we went to the park
with the elders so we could hand them J over gracefully. Even
though it was awkward and took some time, it was our best decision. We
then went by some other less actives. The York two sisters ended up
spending the night. It was fun stuff.

Day 172: Not a very exciting Sunday... J still came to church with
the elders, that was good. A less active we have been working with
came, that was awesome too. Did some finding, knocked some doors,
talked to people who have spoken to me before... Went and saw R
and made some muffins! Yum! She used to work at a bakery, so she is a

And that's my week. Hope you guys are all doing great!