Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 37: Sister Majc

Sister Barret & Sister Majc

Sadly, her name is not pronounced Magic, but instead like Mites. Don't
ask me why, she says it makes perfect sense in her native language of
Slovenian. Yes, I did not know Slovenia existed basically until I met
her on Tuesday! Seems like a cool place.

So this week... Monday was mostly me prepping for my new baby girl to
arrive! Tuesday, I went off to Leeds to pick her up! Went on a bit of
a field trip to some cool rocks for testimonies and bonding time. We
ended up not getting back to Pontefract till eight that night.
Wednesday, Sister Majc's first full day! Did lots of different things.
It's nice, because I can decide when we have our 12 Week study, we are
having it at night so we aren't out too much in the cold and dark.
Thursday was spent knocking and seeing some less actives. Friday we
went out to a random village area to knock some more. Saturday, we
knocked more and also did some service by cleaning up rubbish from the
streets. Sunday, Remembrance Sunday, had our poppies on! It's been
going well here! Still teaching O

and trying to find others ready
to listen! Working with some less actives as well. It's been good!

Hope you are all well! Love you! Also, who is excited about Christmas
coming up?! Makes it a lot easier to talk about Jesus Christ to
people! 😊🎄

Sister Barret

Snow in Pontefract

Week 36: Transfers!!

Can't believe it is another transfer already!!!! I am staying here in Pontefract and I am training again!!!! Next week I will be able to tell you all about her! I realized that she and I are going to be spending Christmas together! How crazy is that!? It is just around the corner...

Not too much has happened this week outside of the normal missionary miracles that occur! We were able to have a lovely tea with O and some members, we had some great lessons with R, when we went to go see K, some of her kids sat in as well. Bonfire Night happened, but we didn't do anything... Except have to be in early. We also had to be in early on Halloween. We miss all of the fun things. But we were able to see some fireworks from our windows, so that was cool! We got to look at some Christmas stuff, saw some kittens, saw some members, tried playing prelude music for church again, had a surprise flat inspection, went to York for district meeting... It was just a pretty good normal week!!

Hope you guys are all having pretty good normal weeks as well! Love you all!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Week 35: Sick :(

Monday: Pday. Had FHE and taught F again, so yeah, a good day.

Tuesday: Got flogged some more, felt sick some more, dropped someone
because he isn't really interested. Went to go see the Waites and had
tea with them and taught D as well, a pretty good evening!

Wednesday: Had district meeting, rode the bus more... We ride the bus
so much. Had a blessing, which was helpful. Went to go see a recent
convert who is lovely. Knocked some doors. Met some lovely people.
Good day.

Thursday: Had lots of meal appointments with members, that was fun.
Got to help them in their missionary work, so that was good. Got
flogged. A companion felt sick again. We have had a lot of sickness
going around.

Friday: Went to go see S again, so much fun. Got flogged. I dunno.
Normal missionary stuff.

Saturday: The sister training leaders came to Pontefract to go on a
bit of a blitz with us, so that was fun. We were able to find lots of
people and have a good time with it. And then we went home for a bit
and headed out to a different part of our area... And one of my
companions felt really ill so we ended up not having the most
effective day, but we still spoke to people and tried to do things.

Sunday: Our ward had the primary program! That was way cute. The
primary here consists of about nine kids, three of them English isn't
their first language, and they did great. There were like these two
nine year old boys, they being the oldest in the primary, that did
some really great singing, I was quite impressed. It was a nice day,
met with a guy who wants to learn again about the church.

Love you guys!

Sister Barret