Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Week 14: Transfers Round 2!

So nothing is happening this transfer! Sister Wood and I are staying
here together. Yup. Actually, my entire district is staying the same
funny enough.

So I am writing this email from my iPad, and I am apologising now that
it isn't going to be like my weeks prior. I will just let you all know
of some high lights.

Because our flat used to be an elder flat, all of them and the senior
couple came over to help us clean up the garden and clean out all the
rubbish that is extra in there. Because we are actually moving flats
this Friday. I don't know the address, but it is literally right
across the road from the church.

Speaking of church, J came! And she liked it! She is so cute. The
night before, she came with us to have tea at S's and then attend
someone else's baptism. She felt the spirit so much, it was amazing.
She is so great.

We also started teaching S's mum, A. She is pretty adorable.
She started to become more curious about the gospel because of the
miracles she has seen happen with S. Because she is still pain
free and loving the church. She has made so many friends already. She
is so cute. Love her so much!

Knocked lots more doors... An old former of ours called us and wants
to see us again, that was cool. Started teaching this fifteen year old
lad, his name is L. He seems pretty alright as well. Taught him in
the library, lol.

Not a whole lot else this week, sorry for this absolutely rubbish
weekly email... Just know that I love you all and next weeks will be

Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 13: Finished!

I have officially finished with training! Because training is a 12 week programme and this transfer has an extra week, this next week Sister Wood and I are just going to be normal missionaries. Should be fun!

Day 89: But yeah. P-day! And this one was a zone p-day, so I don't really have any photos for this week... But yeah. We played chair football, which I don't particularly like, but it is still fun. The elders are pretty hilarious about playing. Especially Elder Campbell, that kid can play football. He is so quick.  Also, somehow, Sister Wood and I are like the only set of sisters who ever want to play sport. Not sure why that is. So after p-day, we went out street contacting for a bit and visited P again. Pretty normal post p-day activities.

Day 90: We had another great lesson with J! She is seriously so adorable. She is so excited to come to church. It is just a struggle because her mum doesn't love the fact that she is learning about the church... But she is determined to learn the truth and to act on what she learns about, even if a bit guttered that her mum isn't being all that supportive. So far, she has been loving everything we teach her and is excited to be baptised, so yay! Oh my goodness, we went to S's for tea. She is seriously the best member missionary ever. She made sure that her mum was there and also her son surprised us by showing up, so S was chuffed that so many of us were together. Not only was her food good, but also how she asked her mum questions and such, causing her to think about things and it was just awesome. I love her so much. Sadly we had to dash right after though because of ward coordination meeting.

Day 91: Oh my goodness I reported 3 months ago!! Time is flying by! Today was pretty alright, talked with lots of people, had tea at the Gores, went and saw S (she wanted us to because she knew K would be home)... Just a good day. She and K are so adorable. Love that family. And K is slowly being softened, it is amazing to see. He has been so supportive of her and her decision and is just become more and more friendly with us as well. I have come to realize that he actually reminds me a bit of dad. In like the best way possible of course. Just a real family man, hard working, funny... Lots of things. It is interesting.

Day 92: We taught J the Word of Wisdom, which she had a bit of a strong reaction to "no tea," but this is England! ;) After talking about it for a bit though she was able to accept it, so that was good. We did more finding, had some good laughs.... Good stuff. We then went and taught this lady C for the first time. We taught her about the plan of happiness, which she loved, and also accepted a date for baptism! Yay! She is a pretty cool older woman. Later we ended up going to K's. Who is seriously so sweet, I just wish she would come to church!

Day 93: Weekly planning went long... And then we went out to a village that is full of people over the age of 85... Had tea at the Parkers... And then went and saw L again. A pretty chill day to be honest.

Day 94: We went on blitz with the sisters again, that was fun. We walked past Elders Rife and Bailey and they made us take their umbrella... Some people are too charitable... I don't like having an umbrella, but oh well. We ended up knocking into a less active who I had heard had yelled at missionaries in the past, but he actually was quite lovely. And the reason he hasn't been very active... I don't know if I would want to come to church after something like that either. But I guess that is the thing about church. It helps us get through those times. Because no matter how much we don't feel like it, Heavenly Father is still there and one of the ways he can help us is through other people...  Some people take different paths and that is their choice. Afterwards we went and saw the Hickton's, and then we went by G (who we are going to have to drop...), and then we stopped by S's because we know that Saturday nights are usually kind of hard for her... But we were met with a surprise! Her son was actually home with her! Yay! So that was great. He just decided to stay home. She was actually just going to text us and see if we were in the area, so inspiration works in funny ways some times. But it was good. He didn't really actively listen and join our conversation, but he was in the same room as us, so we hope that what we shared helped him a bit as well.

Day 95: We of course went to church! Sadly, none of our investigators came, but S was there, so that was good. She is so great. Talk about the easiest person to integrate into the ward. She already knew half the people from years ago and she is just so chill and chatty that she gets along with everyone. She is so cute and is already volunteering to help out with various activities and such. So great. We then followed a prompting of Sister Woods that left us quite confused because we have no idea what it was that we were supposed to have accomplished in that time... But then we went and saw B again, which is always fun.

So as you can see, it was a pretty good week, had some ups and downs, but whose week doesn't have those? I love you guys!! Can't believe transfers are next week! I wonder what will happen!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 12: Trust

Trust is something that I have really had to learn.  And something that I have gained a lot of appreciation for.
Day 82: P-day. We went to the top of the minster. Yeah. It was pretty cool. Also, not for the faint of heart. Not because of the height, there is good protection and such, but because of the staircase. Narrow circular staircase. It was rough. And there is a middle part that gets you excited that you've reached the top, but no. You have to keep going.  Later, we did some finding and went and visited B.

York Minster
Day 83: We ran around. A lot. In the rain. It was kind of an exciting day. Started out with my interview with President where we talked about confidence as a missionary since that is something that I struggle with. We then ran to a lesson with a potential we were really excited about named J.  And guess what, we scheduled.  But we then had to run again so we wouldn't be late for zone training. Which was of course lovely. Talked about being bold and good stuff like that. Half way through I ended up doing a musical number... singing How Great Thou Art a capella by myself. Yeah, I agreed to doing it the night before and then kind of forgot about it till I got there. Yeah. People seemed to like it though. Later, we went knocking doors in the rain, always fun. I just suppose my future husband will be really good looking by the end of my mission. This one very kind Catholic lady gave us an umbrella. She was sweet. I love when we run into just the most lovely Christ like people randomly, even if they aren't interested in the gospel. They are still wonderful people. That evening we went to visit P and R was also there, so that was great. They are both so adorable. Also, I saw the mission famous Shoeman for the first time. That was fun.
Day 84: Knocked on more doors. Sister Wood left me at a door and I ended up giving this guy a Book of Mormon. That was pretty cool. I left that door thinking, "Is this even real life?" That was fun. We went and saw S again that evening. She is so amazing. She has had bad hip pains for years and has had to take a lot of pain medication for it. For years. She is supposed to have a surgery for it soon because it causes her so much pain. Ever since her baptism though, she hasn't needed to take any medication. Her pain has been gone. If that isn't a miracle, I don't know what is. Such a testimony to me that Christ can not only heal our souls, but also our physical bodies. It is amazing. She is so great. And she has been such an example to her family. She tries to answer her mum's questions, her husband has become a lot more supportive of her, and her son has mentioned that he wishes he could find that sort of peace, but he doesn't know how. She is so amazing.
Day 85: We went on exchange! And we scheduled a potential named K who we found out actually lives in our area! That was awesome. Sister Koepf was a little sad about it, because K is seriously so great.  And so adorable.  And she evened prayed at the end, which was awesome. We then went out and contacted a lot of people and had some good conversations. Overall, my exchange with Sister Koepf really helped my confidence. I love that we have stayed so close since leaving the MTC. I love her so much. It would be so amazing to be companions, but I doubt it will happen.
Day 86: Knocked more doors. Contacted some people on the streets. This guy named E we set up a lesson with, that was cool. Later we set up a time with a younger woman named H who is super cute. We went by a referral who lives more into town and we walked through all of the inebriated people who were leaving the York horse-races that have been going on. There were these two little girls playing flute and violin where a lot of those people were going by, collecting money. They were pretty good and super adorable. We chatted with their mom who was supervising nearby. They were cute. Let me tell you, there are a lot of street performers in York. It makes going into town just that much better. :)
Day 87: Visited with J again. She thinks the plan of happiness makes so much sense. She has been reading and praying and just being amazing. She really has the desire to find out the truth for herself. We then went out finding again! Always a good time knocking doors. People are just so interesting. I love people. They make me laugh. That evening, we had a member lesson with the Cosens, who are seriously some of the loveliest people. They are both converts and have such strong testimonies. And their daughter is so cute. She is 3 and reminds me a lot of Henaley for those at home who know her. So cute. But also strong willed. ;) Oh, also, I got kebaptised. It was pretty alright.

Mission Tradition!
Day 88: Yay church! Sadly, neither J nor K came, but S was there. She apparently hadn't slept much the night before, but her husband was highly supportive and kind of pushed her to go to church. Yay! He has been so supportive and his heart has been softening, it is amazing. Also amazing is the fact that her hip pain is still gone. K, her husband, can't believe it. He apparently asks her all the time if it is still gone. Miracles happen! Oh, I also taught gospel principles, something I had forgotten about until Sister Wood reminded me during comp study that morning. Oops! Thankfully, it was about faith and there were a lot of people that day in class, so I could use class input quite a bit! :) I think for the first time on my mission, I contacted someone on the bus and he actually turned into a potential. I do not like bus contacting, but now I have a testimony that it works as long as you try! We then went and visited L who has had some interesting health concerns lately that has been stopping her from coming to church, but she is trying and we are praying for her! She is so great. Also, that evening, Sister Wood and I made banana brownies. We have no idea how we made them, but they turned out quite well. Yay for experimental baking! Keeps things interesting.

Overall, things have been going quite well this week. I have grown to trust in God just that much more. With Him, we can seriously do anything. All we have to do is try. We just have to open our mouths and put for just a little bit of effort. It's okay if it is a bit awkward and clumsy at first, as we continue to trust and work at it, He will strengthen us and help us become more than we ever were. And I am so grateful that this is true and that I don't ever have to do anything alone. I love you all!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 11: Baptism!

Day 76: A Tuesday p-day due to the bank holiday. Kind of throws us off. Oh well. We went about to different shops to get things for S's baptism, we wandered into the Museum Gardens, and we chilled a bit at the church. Nothing super exciting. We went and saw T again, which I love her, but sometimes it can be a bit frustrating since she obviously has the faith, she just is poorly a lot of the time and that stops her from coming to church.

Day 77: Had like a 20 minute conversation on the phone with S in the morning. Everything in her life seemed to be collapsing in on her a bit, but she still had the determination to be baptised. She is such an example to me of faith and perseverance. Every time I talk with her she just reminds me of how much we need to rely on the Lord and on His knowledge and timing. Because He wants what is best for us. He knows us and loves us so He will help us. He will strengthen us in ways we have no idea about. I am so grateful for that knowledge that the gospel brings into my own life. And I am so grateful that I have this chance to share it with other people. Knocked more doors. Saw P again, another example in my life of continual faith and trust in God. She is so wonderful.

Day 78: Had district meeting where we talked about what it means to be a successful missionary and other good things like that. Also, the weather here has been absolutely gorgeous. I feel bad that the elders are supposed to always wear their suit jacket because we have gone without coats most of this week. It has been sunny and warm. Such a blessing! Also a blessing was when we spoke to S, she was so much happier. Things weren't necessarily a whole lot better, but she was happy. We ran into a random less active woman, just shows you never know who you will talk to on the streets. Taught B again, such a hilarious lady.

Day 79: Not a whole lot happened today... S randomly texted us telling us how happy she was, so that was a blessing. Sister Wood had a two hour long driving lesson, which we thankfully survived. I got bored and a bit car sick, but I managed. Before we did that actually, we did a bit of spontaneous service for flood victims since we had gathered so much stuff when it happened, we still have supplies at the church. So we helped make bags of things so they could be distributed. Went and visited Sister Hickton, another wonderfully faithful woman.

Day 80: We went and saw L, knocked some doors in the heat, taught G again.... And then S's baptism!!! Yay!!!! Her family came, Sister Wood set things up pretty first class, the speakers did well, everything was going great, and then we went to the baptismal font. And the water came up to their knees. For some reason, it had stopped filling. We don't know why, all we know is that we needed more water. So Sister Wood and I brought everyone back into the chapel, did our interlude bit early, did a spontaneous musical number with the York 2 sisters, all while the elders and some other brethren continued to fill the font every way possible to make it as fast as possible. Not only did they turn the water back on, but they started getting buckets and bowls and filling them in the kitchen and dumping them in. Sister Wood and I were pretty anxious and slightly embarrassed about the whole thing. But the important thing is that S was able to enter the waters of baptism that night. She was such a trooper, she was calm the whole time. We felt bad, but it was fine.

Day 81: S was confirmed a member and received the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Her family members came for this as well. It was so wonderful to have them there and to have them feel the spirit that is there at church. They left after sacrament meeting, but S stayed the whole time. She is seriously so great. And it is amazing to hear her family talk about the difference they have seen in her since she started meeting with us. She has been such an example to her family. And then, after church, I got to Skype my lovely family from the Munzer's home. Loved seeing all of your faces! Thankfully, doing that didn't make me too homesick, that wouldn't have been good. It was fun though. :) And then that night we went and visited R who is just so adorable.

Love you all!! Till next week. Cheers!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Week 10: Moved!

I have now moved twice this transfer... And they will probably have us move again. What is this?

Rowntree Park

Day 68: Another zone p-day, so lovely. Got to meet some new missionaries since it is the first one we have had since the transfer. Went out with the York 2 sisters and got some really good food. We ended up teaching S that night, it was great. We had brought Jake Gore with us (he got off his mission back in October) and without us knowing, S’s son was there! (Not sure if I've mentioned before, they used to know each other in school and football) That was great to have them meet. Mind you, it was a bit odd since we were teaching Law of Chastity and Word of Wisdom, but I just had to remind myself that I should never be ashamed to declaring the truth.

Day 69: We got let in! We had been knocking doors, not talking to too many people, when this guy, T let us in! And we taught him the first lesson, he asked lots of good questions, Sister Wood and I were having a really great flow together, we scheduled him, and then he prayed at the end! And he said a great prayer. It was such a good lesson, probably the best first lesson we have ever had. We taught S again and went over the interview questions since her interview was the next day! 

Day 70: We had district meeting, President showed up half way through since he was early for S's interview, so that was awesome. I love President. He always has such great insights. "Do you have an open heart?" So right afterwards, S came and passed her interview!! Yay! She is going to be baptized on May 7th! We are so excited for her! We have just seen how much the gospel has been able to help her find peace, so we know it will only grow as she takes a further step. It is so amazing. Now Sister Wood and I have to plan a first class baptism! (our mission always talks about making everything first class)

Day 71: I think Sister Wood and I may have gotten hypothermia... We hadn't anticipated the cold... But besides that, we knocked more doors, had some really great conversations, found some people who were open to learn more in general, pretty good day. 

Day 72: The Zone Leaders came to our Weekly Planning, that was interesting. It was kind of nice though because we could get their opinions and help on our baptism plans. Elder Rusbjerg and Barendse are hilarious. Knocked more doors, but then got interrupted by the Zone Leaders telling us to go home and pack because we were moving once again! This time, we and  the Elders in our area made a switch! After that, we saw S again, which is always wonderful. She is such an amazing woman. She is so kind and the most loving person. She is so filled with patience and faith. Oh, so since it was our last night together as a four sister flat, we made pancakes. Meaning I made pancakes... And I guess you could say I took a page out of dad's book in some ways... Since I had four pans going... And I accidentally caught one of them on fire. Which was awesome. Sister Wood and Barry freaked out. And then the smoke alarm went off. And Sister Koepf was still following up with Elder Rife in the other room. He had some questions when that happened...

Day 73: We moved flats. To the infamous elder's flat that has been used for elders in the area for the past 7 years. Apparently, it used to be disgusting. But it really isn't that bad. I guess the senior couple, Elder and Sister Culbert, has really been making the elders clean it up lately. Because it really isn't bad. And it is huge! Compared to where we have been living, this flat is really a house! We have front and back gardens! We have stairs! We have rooms we don't even use most days! It is crazy... We then went on a blitz with the sisters, so that was fun. Sister Koepf and I had some really good conversations with people as we were knocking doors. Later, Sister Wood and I saw G, which was a bit sad because we aren't very sure any more as to how much of a desire he really has to learn. So I don't think we will be teaching him for much longer. Sad day.

Day 74: I can't believe it is May!!! And Fast Sunday again! And S came to church! Yay! That I can believe. The testimony portion was so good. It really applied to her. She really felt the spirit, and so did we. It was so good. We also had a really great Relief Society lesson about small and simple things, that was great. Because it's true. Life is hard and get's busy sometimes. But even if we try to do a few little things every day, things will be so much better. We don't have to do big things all the time, but putting forth some effort every day is what will help us most in the end. Later, we visited L again, who is always so much fun to visit. 

Day 75: Weirdly wasn't p-day due to the bank holiday. Sorry for not warning anyone.... I think the next bank holiday is the last Monday of May. But I will check and be better about telling everyone. We were knocking doors and it just started dumping rain. It was fun. We always make the most of the rainy days. Thankfully though, it didn't stay that way and turned into a beautiful day! Talked to more great people, stopped by some people, usual missionary stuff. :) 

Overall, a wonderful week full of miracles! I love you guys!!Can't wait till Mother's Day!