Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 61

I'm kind of getting tired of transfers.... having to adjust to new people, new areas, new responsibilities.... The list is endless. But at least this week I feel like I have been able to make some good progress in my adjustments to this area! Love it here in Newcastle. It's a really lovely city.

Monday, we did some finding and tried by some people and then had ward coordination, so nothing too exciting. Tuesday, we knocked on lots of doors, taught an old lady, and had just a very typical missionary-y day. Nothing too exciting. Wednesday, we had district meeting and then went on exchange with the sisters in South Shields. I got to go with Sister Bensige, who is from Sweden and friends with Sister Lundahl! Such a small Mormon world. It was fun to be the one to direct the exchange, it didn't go to bad for my first one. Biggest thing, I didn't get us lost! Still getting used to the area... We tried to see some people, but of course, we all have our agency. Then on Thursday, we did lots more finding, met with the zone leaders to discuss zone training, and also went to watch the general women's conference with the Relief Society. It was really lovely to be with them. Slowly but surely getting to know the members of the ward....! And then Friday we went to our "neighbors" weekly Planning (that is what we call the Mandarin speaking sisters who live with us!) and did more finding, and made lots of phone calls... which people love to ignore... and had tea with some members for this first time since coming here! They were so lovely. Saturday, we went on exchange with some other sisters! I went with Sister Hope who is from Arizona, and we had a good time. We did more finding and also went by a lady in the ward who struggles with a lot of different things. It was a nice visit. It was funny, so, we share the area with the zone leaders right? We never see them. Yet, while we were on exchange, each of us ended up kind of bumping into at least half of them. It was kind of weird. We never see them, this area is huge. And then on Sunday, we went to church! Yay! And our less active recent converts came to church on their own accord! It was so good! They were late, but that didn't really matter to us, we were starting to struggle to think of what more we could do with them, so yay! There is hope for them yet! They're great. And it was a really good relief Society, so that was nice. Because it was supposed to by a joined meeting but then that fell through, we had like a musical meeting. And it had quickly gotten out that I sing, so I did. Different sisters were asked to pick a song either to sing or for us to sing together and share why that song was important to them. And when I was asked to do it, I decided to sing This It The Christ, which isn't a hymn, but a really good song. That was really lovely. That song can really bring the Spirit! It was a good meeting. After that, we had our own weekly planning and in the evening, we went by a potential who had also promised us food. She gave us some really great lasagna and we shared with their the Restoration! We were able to bring her an Arabic Book of Mormon and an English one for her daughter! It was a good lesson. I'm sure there will be more to come with them!

I love serving a mission. I love how much I have been able to learn from my experiences here and just how close I have been able to feel to my Saviour and my Father in Heaven. I hope you are all doing well and I love you all so much!

Sister Barret

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