Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Week 16: Zone Conference

Yup, we had zone conference this week. That was the big event! It was pretty fun, really cool to see all of the other missionaries that are serving in the north half of my mission. And President Pilkington, he is seriously the best. I will miss that man.

Day 110: Walked around the walls for a bit with the sisters. It was a beautiful day with a beautiful view of the back of the minster. I am seriously serving in a beautiful place. We were then going to teach our investigator C, but it didn't work out so we went and saw L, which is always great. She has such a testimony, just doesn't like coming to church for some reason!

Day 111: We helped the Elders move flats! That took up a good portion of our day, it was fun, just not exactly productive to our purpose. But since they helped us last week, we kind of had to help them as well. Thankfully, they had less stuff and less to clean. So it went a lot faster. We then went out finding, met a lady named S who had gotten out of a long coma only like a year ago. We then went and taught M who had called us a week ago. Then we had ward council. Then we street contacted until it was time to go home. And then the Ponty sisters came to sleep over because of zone conference the next day! Love them! Sister Cockburn and Sister Pro. They are super cool.

Day 112: Zone Conference! We got up, got ready, had pancakes, got on a coach, was spiritually uplifted, got back on a coach, and came home again. It was out in Billingham, so that was fun. It was colder up there sadly... But yeah, after zone conference, we went and taught C again with Sister Cosens.

Day 113: We tried by J again, but we are still not getting any sort of response. Total heart break. Taught this kid named C for the first time, not sure if he is really all that bothered. That night, we had tea with S and K. Love them! They are so cute and hilarious. Also, it is so frustrating because K so clearly does know and understand the gospel and can tell that all the good things that have happened lately have come from the gospel... He just refuses to act on these things!! Yeah, we are working with him.

Day 114: Went out knocking doors again. This old lady let us in and we had a good chat with her.  We later bought some flowers so we could give them along with some other things to S because the next day was her birthday! :) When we got there, the whole family was actually in, so we stopped for a bit of a chat. I am so grateful for their family.

Day 115: Dropped off a nice note by A because she hasn't been feeling all that well lately, which is sad. Knocked on more doors. Went on Blitz with the sisters. I went with Sister Chammings (Sister Barry's new trainee from Australia) which was a lot of fun. She is such an amazing and bold missionary already! And she is adorable. Love her. Afterwards, we ended up going to go see B to continue to help her understand the gospel. It is always fun seeing her. Also, today was the Queen's official birthday, the start of the Euro Cup, and another session of the York races.

Day 116: Yay church! Always good stuff. I love church. Before church though, we were out street contacting when we came across this lady sitting in a chair on the sidewalk singing loudly to rock music. To say the least, she did not want to talk to us... After church we went and saw P and K. Love them. Especially since it decided to start raining hard core... That sucked. Oh well. It keeps England beautiful!! :) At least it wasn't all that cold. The weather has been all over the place I feel like.

Another week of the mission done and gone! I can't believe how long I have been doing it! It is going by so fast! And I am loving it all along!

Love you guys!!!

Sister Barret

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