Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week 17: Regulars

You can tell you have been in one place with the same person for awhile when you get called regulars by a bus driver. We have a couple of bus driver friends now... But transfers are coming up, next time I email I will be able to tell all of you what is going on!
Sister Barry & Sister Barret

Day 124: Just a normal p-day for the most part... We ended up going to see A, which is always great. She says that she would believe in everything else if she knew that God was there. We are having a struggle with her, trying to help her see how the Spirit has touched her already in her life. She has been reading and praying though, so that's awesome.

Day 125:Happy Birthday Chelsey! We went out knocking doors. And then went out to a village called Bishopthorpe to knock more doors. And then knocked some doors in town. And that is when we got let in by this cool Indian couple. They were fun. And because we got let in, we then had to run to the Munzer's for tea. And then we went and saw S. She was having a bit of a struggle, so we abandoned our original plans and helped comfort and strengthen her. It is amazing when you can see the difference so clearly in someone who was down and then had their spirits lifted. It is so incredible.

Day 126: Had District Meeting. Went to go teach S with Sister Cosens. It was so great. S is totally progressing. We then went by some potentials, and C let us in and we scheduled her for baptism! She was so great. She isn't a very religious person, but she does know that God is there. So that was pretty awesome, starting to teach her. Also, don't touch stinging nettle. It is the worst. We went to tea at this one members house who lived way out in the middle of nowhere... And I want their house so bad. It was a beautiful house. Sorry, that is random, but true.

Day 127: The EU referendum vote... And we went on exchange! So Sister Barry and I went out together. We taught some people, found a new investigator, had a pretty good day that was just full of miracles! Missions are the best.

Day 128: After exchange, we ran to teach C again. She loved the Plan of Happiness. Who doesn't love God's plan? It is the best. We then went out into Poppleton, never the best place for finding, but we were going to some members house for tea, so we had to be... But we did find one potential, so that was good at least. It is funny, because we talk to a lot of people on the streets, we hear a lot about the current political situation. It is very interesting to hear all of the different opinions.

Day 129: Taught S again! She isn't feeling well and A was being difficult, so it was a bit of a struggle to teach, but because we brought Sister Cosens again, we were able to manage. There was some fun thunder while we were out finding, but it never started raining on us. It didn't start raining till we were safely inside S's house. :) England is fun... We had tea with S, A, and K, and then after, we taught A again. We just really talked about who God is to each of us. It was great. We were finally able to help her see how the Spirit has touched her and has continued to change her life. It's amazing to see that. Also, S has started doing this thing where she gives us chocolate when we come by... I love her, but it is not helpful to eating healthy! Especially since English chocolate is so much better than American...

Day 130: Despite the number of investigators we have, none were able to come to church. And each had relatively valid reasons for not coming. Especially S, she had been at the hospitol all night because of her chest infection. She had A with her, so that wasn't easy. Also, she is 8 months pregnant, which I feel like makes everything harder... But other than that, she is doing still so great. C is also doing well, but also has her own difficulties. She felt really bad about not coming. She was worried we wouldn't want to talk to us anymore... She gave us these little cards that she had gotten from a church in Jerusalem a long time ago... She is so cute. She said she only gives them out to people who are special to her. ;) Being out in the rain is always so much fun...

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