Thursday, December 8, 2016

Subject: Week 40: Back To The Trio Days

Day 285: Pday! Had a fun pday, the STLs came down to spend some time with the four of us down here in Pontefract. We went to go play pool in Castleford, which was surprisingly fun since none of us knew what we were doing. We made some pretty good shots though. We then headed back to Pontefract, so we could get to Featherstone. But then our appointment flogged so we just street contacted home.... It wasn't too bad though because we came across some horses 🐴. Sister Majc used to have a horse so she was just thrilled 😁. We ended up naming them. They were pretty cute, though I don't think they were all that interested in listening to our message.

Day 286: We had a lot of potential return appointments... we went to each of them, but no response from any of them. Sad. But at least the less active lady we visit was in! We were able to see J and spend some time with her, hopefully helping her increase her faith and desire to come to church. After seeing her, we went home to have our 12 week study before going to ward Coordination. Went to our meeting, and then went home for tea. President and Sister Turvey came by to speak with Sister Hippard, and they thought our flat was a good place to do that... it caused for an interesting evening, that is for sure!

Day 287: Went to Selby again for district meeting, which was our second district meeting this transfer, we keep having all of these different meetings lately! It was fun, we missed our bus so we were stuck in Selby for awhile... But we got home eventually! Because we knew it was Sister Hippard's last night, we all went out for Indian food! Don't worry, our tea still only lasted an hour. 😉 Afterwards, went out finding again before having a quick lesson with O where we shared the Christmas 🎄 initiative with her! Love it so much. If you still haven't looked at it, do so! It's great! After our lesson, we went to the Relief Society Activity where we made Christmas wreaths! I'm quite proud of mine, went for the simple look. O enjoyed being there as well. We had to leave shortly after though so we could get back in time Sister Hippard to be picked up by President and Sister Turvey. And so by the end of the night, we were back to being a trio!

Day 288: I really had to look at my journal to see what happened this day.... First day as a trio! Went out knocking, shared the Christmas 🎄 initiative with some people. Went to O's house for lunch, had a good time with her, read some scriptures. We then went out to Knottingly to go by some less actives and also to have tea with some less actives, it was a good time. While we were waiting for the bus back, we sort of saw someone get hit by a car... His body went flying and his bottle smashed so it made quite the sound. It was pretty scary. But he seemed actually pretty alright when we went over. Thankfully, a lot of people had gone over, so none of us had to bring back to our memory first aid. So yeah... that was eventful.

Day 289: Friday, Friday, Friday. Had our weekly planning, putting the two areas back together and all that, really added to our plans. It'll be sad for when we split it again. So, we went to go see R and J, and then we did some finding, went home, grabbed the guitar 🎸 and then headed off to the Waites! We had tea, helped them do some Christmas 🎄 decorating, and did some Christmas 🎄 caroling as well! It was a pretty fun time.

Day 290: A service Saturday! First, we helped out some members by hoovering and mopping their floors. She had been in the hospital for awhile recently, so we were happy to help! We did some finding later, and then also did our weekly street clean as well! Just trying to help make the world a better place! We were tired though, so for tea we got take away... don't worry, that is not a frequent happening at all. We then went out to visit P. So yeah, that was our day, went home, studied, planned, did all the things we needed to do...

Day 291: When I shook hands with the visiting high councilman today, he said, "I really like your hair! If only we could transplant it onto my head, that would be amazing!" He was bald. It was hilarious. So yeah, I guess you could say church was pretty good. I started playing prelude as well, but then I convinced Sister Majc to take my place... which lead to her playing for sacrament again... I'm sure she doesn't appreciate me sort of volunteering her to play right now, but one day she will. I may have even volunteered her to play for the primary presentation of the nativity in a few weeks... oops. But I am not willing to turn down any invitation we are given to help the ward! After church we went by some less active members and street contacted as we went. I think fasting on a mission is in some ways harder, some ways easier than back home. It's hard being out and about all day... At least I can see the blessings from doing so! I think since coming on my mission, I have been a lot more aware of the times that Heavenly Father has answered my prayers. Which has been many times, and I am so grateful for that!

So yeah, that was my week!

Sister Barret

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