Thursday, December 15, 2016

Week 41: Transfer 8 already!

Surprise, surprise, Sister Majc and I are staying here in Pontefract together for her second transfer of training. The interesting thing is that our flat started with four, then Sister Hippard left bringing us to three, and now Sister Cockburn is going home, so we are down to two! With Christmas and things all happening, so most people didn't get moved around. Only like two companionships are changing in our whole zone. Yup! And yes, this transfer was only five weeks if you thought it came quickly. This next transfer will be seven weeks to equalise it out. Here we go into the depths of winter!

Monday: For pday we went to Selby to go bowling. It was supposed to be as a zone, but only us, the Selby Elders and the York One Elders showed up. It was way fun anyways. Took some traveling, but we did it. Sister Cockburn really wanted to since it was her last real mission pday, so we humoured her. Got back to Pontey and caught a bus to Featherstone. Visited with M, continued to teach her English and small aspects of the gospel that we can talk about in Spanish.... man, so grateful Sister Majc knows Spanish, my Spanish is atrocious! 

Tuesday: Zone training! Got to go to York! So fun! And we had a very Christmas themed meeting. President and Sister Turvey were there, which was nice. We talked about the Grinch and how some people have hearts that just don't get the Christmas spirit that we feel. It was good, I really like all of my current leaders. We then went back to Pontefract, did some finding and things, went to the Waites for tea, and then went to the chapel so Sister Cockburn could do some things, but as it turned out the room we wanted was being used by the YW, so we ended up joining them in making Christmas cards for the whole ward. It was fun. I finger painted, lol. 

Wednesday: Went to Castleford to go visit some less active members. We knocked on one of their doors, but they weren't in sadly, but when we kept going we ran into her on the street. That was pretty great. God does work in mysterious ways! Able to share some things with her and to invite her to church once again. So here is hoping! We then were able to use our time at the chapel so Sister Cockburn could prep to go home. Went home, had tea, and then had ward coordination meeting at our ward mission leaders house. Thank goodness he and his wife do not live far. They are so funny. Love the Bartons. 

Thursday: Went to go see K, and her niece was also there, so that was nice to teach the, both. Talk about a house getting ready for Christmas! We then went by some old potentials and knocked on some doors. Went to go see J, but she wasn't in, so we headed off to Castleford again. Had tea with the Bottoms and the Keys, who are lovely people. We then came back to Pontey, to the chapel, to see O! Had a good lesson with her and really continued to figure out more of where she is coming from on things. It was lovely. 

Friday: Had weekly planning while Sister Cockburn started to pack! We then headed off, went by a less active, not home. Visited a member at the library and O happened to be working at the same time, so we were able to have a lovely chat with both of them. Played with the member's little boy for a bit, he is so funny... and really liked to skip down the sidewalk. We then went to go see V who is just great. She got a cake for Sister Cockburns going away. She also gave us a bunch of clothing to try... We then headed home, trying to talk to people along the way.

Saturday: Went to go see a member who struggles this time of year. Waited forever for a bus. Had lunch. Finally got in to see a less active who always flogs. We then did some contacting and headed off to Knottingly to have tea with some less active members. We then had to head in early because transfer calls were tonight instead of Sunday! Surprise! We found out in the middle of the day. So we got the exciting call then about how basically no one was going anywhere! Whooo!

Sunday: Sister Cockburns last full day! So crazy! Had church and helped out the primary again. I ended up having to sit with some kids because they were being crazy... It was still fun. In the evening, we went to Roy and Jill's for a Christmas dinner, which was of course very nice. We even had Christmas cracker thingies which was pretty fun. We then went to go visit O, who had gone to a Christingle and brought us each one of the oranges they made. Had a lovely lesson with her and Sister Cockburn was able to say her goodbyes to everyone she wanted to. Glad that I will be sticking around at least one more transfer!

So here we go into another transfer! It is going by way too quickly! Hope you are all having fun getting ready for Christmas! Such an amazing time of year! Love you guys!!

Sister Barret

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