Sunday, February 5, 2017

Week 48: Transfer 9

Monday: Yay p-day! We met up with the F's at a restaurant since their family is all male... So we can't exactly go to their home, but it was really nice of them. Pretty good Italian place in Xscape. We were then going to go visit S, but because she was feeling ill, she cancelled. Which turned out to be a good thing because then we were able to meet up with the STLs to go for a bit of a split with them! Sister Connolly and I got into this really long conversation with this one guy... That was interesting.

Tuesday: Did some good old knocking as per the usual. Went to go visit J and had a good chat with her. She is really starting to put forth more effort in her progression back to church! We later went to the W's again and shared a meal with them. We headed then to the chapel for a quick ward coordination meeting and then we had our first bible study class! It went pretty well we think. O came! Brother Barton taught it this time and it was so fun. We only got through the first ten verses of Genesis, but it was very educational! We talked about a lot of science that goes into the creation of the world, it was pretty amazing to think about.

Wednesday: Had to go to York! We were having interviews with President! And instead of us just sitting around doing nothing, we had the opportunity to receive training from the AP's, which was really great. It was on teaching and how we can better teach people not only about the doctrine, but about what it is that the doctrine can do for us. It was awesome. And then in my interview with President Turvey, we talked a bit about how much longer I have in my mission and then he basically told me that I am getting transferred. And then when I was in with Sister Turvery she told me that Pontefract was probably getting elders... So that was fun. The whole thing took a few hours and then we headed over to Selby with the rest of our district. That took a bit of time... But we then went with the sisters on a short split before we had to go to the chapel for the worldwide missionary broadcast! I went with Sister Calles to see one of their potentials. It was good to have chat with her since she is about to go home this week. So we then got to watch the broadcast as a district. It was pretty cool. the first part, they were talking about how to teach better, but then they went on to make the announcements about the new missionary schedule and key indicators. We are only counting four indicators, baptised & confirmed, new investigators, church attendance, and investigators with a date. So that is quite interesting. And then as far as the big points of the schedule change, planning is in the mornings, we have time for journalling, companion study should be between 30-60 minutes, p-days can start at 8, lunch should be only 30 minutes... That is about it. That actually starts on February 1 for us, so we are starting it with the new transfer basically. Pretty crazy! After the broadcast, we went to the Selby sisters flat because there wasn't a good way to get home at that time of night and we slept over!

Thursday: So we headed home... Where we discovered our heating no longer working! Yeah... that was cool... pun intended. We had to head off though and we saw H and started teaching him! So that is pretty exciting. We then went out to Normanton to go by some members and less actives. When we came back to Pontefract, we actually met up briefly with the man that Sister Connolly and I had met on Monday evening who we spoke to for forever. He didn't like that we are two young women going about who knows where late at night... So he was giving us something to help defend ourselves with. It was very nice of him! Don't worry, I'm not in that scary of a place! ;) We then went to the chapel to prep and teach the church history class that we are also starting out! People came to this as well, so that was pretty fun. We brought snacks.:)

Friday: Thankfully, we had a flat inspection, so we could talk to them about the fact that our heating was broken. That was useful. So we were able to get into contact with the heating engineer people. We headed off to see K for a bit but then had to come back home to let in the engineer to fix our heating! After that, we went out, we headed of to Featherstone, went by a less active couple, and then headed off to see M. Sadly, she and her kids were sick, so we just tried to do our best to help her out a little bit. Hopefully we don't catch anything!!! Afterwards, we went to get fish and chips where our investigator works so we were able to have a chat with her!

Saturday: Wen to go see Y, who was also feeling sick, so we took her dog, Jake, for a bit of a walk. We went and knocked and went by more less actives again. In the evening, we went to the chapel for a bit to make a digital copy of the ward list since the other one was lost.

Sunday: We went to church! Yay! And not only did we do the music again this week, I gave a talk! Whoo! At least I was given basically the best topic ever, I was just told to speak on what I have learned since coming on my mission, so that was awesome. After church, we went to Knottingly to visit some less actives and members. Started to rain at one point, that's always fun... We haven't had a ton of rain, so that has been nice. But yeah, we then went home and later found out about transfers! And I am headed off to Horbury! I don't really know anything about it! My companion will be Sister Luna! Who I have never met! But I am excited nonetheless!!!

So here is to another transfer and many more miracles to come!! Hope you all have a good week! Miss you all! Love you! xx

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