Sunday, March 12, 2017

Week 53: Letter to Mom

Hey Mom!

I’m doing well. Truly. It’s crazy that it’s been over a year since I’ve been here though. Just seriously so crazy. But I have loved it. I’ve learned so much. I’ve learned so much about how to rely on the Lord. I’ve learned to just love people. I’ve learned some Spanish! I’ve learned guitar. I’ve learned just how much my family means to me. I’ve learned what it means to me to marry a worth priesthood holder one day. I’ve learned what it means to me to one day get a good education. I’ve learned to appreciate having a car and that I hate public transport quite a bit. I’ve learned how to get along with people I may not like very much. I’ve learned how to share my feelings and work through them. (The bus I’m on right now has a flat tire and we are in a random village. Oh no! Hope we can keep going…) I’ve learned how much music means to me and can mean to other people. I’ve learned how to ignore creepers. I’ve learned how to talk to complete strangers. I’ve learned how to enjoy public speaking more. I’ve learned how to live with a diverse crowd of people of various backgrounds and cultures. I’ve learned how to really pray and receive answers to those prayers. I’ve learned to laugh in the rain. I’ve learned how to think quickly on my feet. I’ve learned how to eat on the go. I’ve learned how to recognize and follow promptings of the Spirit. I’ve learned how to not judge others. I’ve learned others can receive revelation for me and be revelation for me. I’ve learned to trust blindly (to an extent). I’ve learned that mom is always right. I’ve learned to be grateful for what I have. I’ve learned how to use my talents to bless others. I’ve learned a lot. And I’m so grateful that you have supported me all the way!

 Love, Lyv

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