Thursday, April 6, 2017

Week 54: Transfer 10 with a Surprise!

So.... things have been going a bit upside down lately, so I'll just summarise the past two weeks real quick. L almost got baptised last week, A and L are talking to us again, teaching E has been really interesting due his Buddhist philosophies, we had a big zone conference with two other zones, went on an exchange with Sister Eschgfäller, and then we got our transfer call last night. And guess what. I'm moving. Yup, you read that right, after only a single transfer here in the Horbury area, I am now getting shipped off to Doncaster. In fact, I've already had to move out since Sister Wood is going home, we have to be in Huddersfield all of today to be with Sister Eschgfäller. Yeah, it doesn't make much sense, but that's been my life lately I feel like, unexpected phone calls that something I wasn't anticipating is happening. So, this morning, I started packing...  only to find that out and I just crammed everything in since I didn't want to spend all day doing it. Oh well. I dot like packing and leaving, so this just made it happen all at once really quick. Even though I feel like I'm getting kicked  out of Horbury right now. I'm really excited for Sister Luna though, she got called to train! Best thing ever! It just means that she will spend about half of her mission in the smallest area in the entire UK, probably all of Europe! But it's a great area, so no big deal. The lovely people and amazing ward make up for the lack of size!

Okay, so I mentioned a few things and I'm going to guess you'll all be really annoyed if I just leave things at that 😆 L. Love her, I'm going to miss her and M. She is doing so amazing! Like I said, she almost got baptised last week, but because of things coming up with her little girls health, it wasn't able to happen. But I'm sure soon enough, she will be!

A and L, yeah, they have been under a lot of pressure with everything, learning about a new church, the idea of getting married, health issues, and remodelling their home. It has been a bit crazy. So we have had to give them a bit of space. But in just the past few days though, things have been going better! We have finally been able to be in their home again, they came to some of church again, they just seem happier, and they still want to be baptised someday! So that's awesome.

E.... yeah. That's been fun. We will see how long he will continue to be taught. Doesn't seem too willing to do much.

And yeah, no is week, but last week, we had a zone conference with our zone, Huddersfield, Hull, and Sheffield, the zone I will be in starting tomorrow! It was a really nice meeting. Got to sing at it, we sang Let Zion In Her Beauty Rise. It's funny, Sister Wood was out in charge of pulling together the musical Item, she didn't want to sing, but she wanted us to sing her favourite hymn. I'm going to miss her. 😉 We had a testimony meeting where anyone could get up to bear their testimony. I didn't, but I really enjoyed those who did! The spirit was very strong in that room, it was amazing.

It was actually last Monday to Tuesday we went on exchange. It was really nice to go with Sister Esch. She is so nice! It was a bit sad because she had done something to her ankle, and my back was hurting again (I think from when I hurt it a few months ago, but now it is fine again!) so we were kind of hobbling about, looking like a sorry sight. But it was still fun!

Oh, almost forgot, we also had a stake conference this past week, and that was really lovely as well. Got a lift with one of my favourite member families in Horbury, the Hunts. I love their little boy Terry, he is so funny. It was a broadcast and the main theme had a lot to do with being spiritually self reliant, which is one of the points of the Area Plan. There was a talk about finding joy in the gospel, someone else talked about knowing what you believe, it was really lovely.

That's about all folks! Next time you hear from me, I can tell you all about Donny (apparently people call Doncaster that) and my new companion, Sister Ashcroft! I have actually met her a few times, and she seems really lovely! So on to a new adventure! Love you all! Hope you guys have a good week!

Sister Barret

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