Thursday, April 6, 2017

Week 55: Who is Donny?!

Hey everyone!

This week has been so crazy.... So, Monday after pday Sister Luna and
I went with Sister Eschgfäller to visit their investigator, Ian.
Tuesday, we got up early and Sister Luna and I got a train to Leeds,
and from there, got a train to Doncaster. Got picked up by C,
Sister Ashcroft, and the elders here. C took us to our flat
and we put our stuff away, had a sort of comp study, and then headed
out! Went out and contacted people on the streets asking them where
the chapel was because we genuinely didn't know. We did end up finding
it though. We also tried to find bishops house, but had the very wrong
address, so we just knocked a random street. We ended up having ward
coordination which was super helpful and also really funny. Professor
Oaks! Good times. Wednesday, we had district Meeting and when we told
all of the elders there that we walked there since we don't know the
buses they all looked at us like we were crazy. It was only about a
half hour walk.... but the meeting itself was really good! My district
is pretty nice.
We then went out to a random village to get to know
more people. The elders showed up and kind of took our teaching
appointment with a recent convert, but we couldn't stay anyways, so it
was fine. Knocked more doors. Visited a less active man, G, he was
really great. Had tea with the Browns. Met a less active lady L who
is really great. Thursday, went back out to that village to meet
another less active lady and her husband. Had tea with some other
members. Had Book of Mormon class with some members and K and
it was really nice. Friday we had a good, very much so needed weekly
planning session. We then did more finding (you may notice that we
spend a lot a lot of time finding right now!). We also visited a few
members until the elders called us needing a baptismal record sheet so
we had to hurry home, just in time to see them jumping over this wall
that we live by.... we then did more finding and had tea at home and
hen headed to the chapel for a ward activity, a game night. May have
gotten a bit competitive playing this play-doh pictionary type game.
K came to that as well. She is so great!
And then Saturday C took us out to a random far out part of our area called
Goole. Turns out, not much is out there. We then came back to
Doncaster and went by some more people. I also got a blessing because
my back has been bothering me a lot lately. Though not as much since
then. We knocked even more doors and we ordered pizza that was
recommended to us from the elders. And when it was taking too long, we
said a prayer and looked out the window to see the pizza guy's car
pull into our parking lot. Miracles are real people. We then went to
K's house for a lesson. We asked her so many questions! But it
was really good, she basically spent the lesson bearing her testimony
to us based off of the questions we asked. It was awesome.
Sunday was so fun! It was ward conference! We got to meet everyone, it was great!
We also had a Munch and Mingle afterwards, which we got to help out
with, so that was really nice. We then headed off to knock more doors
and try by a few old potentials. We had tea with the Nettleships and
then they took us to visit a less active lady and her girls. It was
fun and it was nice teaching some of the Restoration with them.
Afterwards, we street contacted home, and Sister Ashcroft made me sing
for this random guy. I didn't know what do to because it was
unanticipated, so I started singing This Is The Christ, and it brought
the spirit really fast. He said it sounded actually pretty good, so
that was cool. Too bad he was in a rush. But yeah, that's been all
really this week! I love my new companion, Sister Ashcroft is great!
She's from Gilbert, Arizona, has five siblings, loves the great
outdoors and is so funny. She does and says some of the craziest
things, so it is never a dull moment! Love it here in Donny!

Love you all and hope you guys have a good week!

Sister Barret

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