Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 2 & 3: Leaving the MTC & Arriving in York!

With President & Sister Preston
Day 8: We went out proselyting as an MTC activity!!! We went down into Manchester, specifically, Piccadilly Square. It was a pretty awesome experience. Made missionary work a lot more of a reality for me while still at the MTC! Also, I discovered I am terrified of people.

Day 9: I think one of the things I will miss most about the MTC (outside of the great food) is playing volleyball with everyone. It has been just so much fun. You know how sometimes in gym classes, volleyball is the worst thing ever? This is nothing like that, even though everyone has just about the same skill level.  We had our exit interviews with President Preston today, and he told me that while we were on the train to Manchester, when he motioned me over at one point, my face was just the picture of terror. He said that image will forever be impressed in his mind. As I had made my way over to him, I apparently looked as if I was headed to the gallows. So there you go.... He then told me though that when he and his wife talked about me, they both thought I would do "just fine." Also, dinner this day was very British. Fish and chips!! And then sticky toffee for dessert, which is seriously the best.

Day 10: This day was rather uneventful.... Man, I just love all of my MTC teachers. They are the best. Also, the TRC things were not as bad as I thought they would be. Today was probably the most realistic in some ways because the teacher playing this investigator was one we didn't have in a classroom so we didn't know him, and he was pretty mean and rude to us. I called him out at one point... It'll be interesting to see if I will be so bold out in the field!!

Day 11: Church at the MTC is weird but good. I like it. Also, my district went outside a bunch today, so I will have some photos of that. Also, everyone in the MTC split into two groups and we played group games. It was just a really good day in general.

Day 12: Our last day of our usual classes!!!! It was crazy weird. And sad.  Also, I had straightened my hair, and one of the Elders in my district, the first thing he said when he noticed was, "did you wash your hair?" I really didn't know what to say to him... Elders are sometimes so funny.

Day 13: Ack!! Last day at the MTC! We had a lot of workshops to teach us how to adjust and some of the rules and stuff like that. The teachers also put on a performance for us about our first week. It was pretty hilarious. Everyone took lots of photos, I will include the good ones.

MTC District
Day 14: And we were off!!! Got picked up by the assistants and headed off to Leeds!!! I love President Pilkington!! He is very British, but very hilarious. When I was having my interview with him, he told me that if I am half as good as my bishop said I am, then they are lucky to have me... I really wonder what Bishop Endicott said about me now. Apparently something good. Also, contacting here in England I think is very different from other places. I have been told to not ever go up to someone and just tell them I am a missionary. Instead, we strike up conversation and then see how that goes from there. It is interesting.

Oh!! My trainer!! Sister Wood!!! I love her! She is from Ogden, UT and had gone to BYU for a year before coming out here. She is awesome. She has been really great at teaching me and helping me adjust and all that jazz. She has been out for 6 months and this is the first time she has been senior companion. Though I will say, one of the first things she tells me when we leave is that we are teaching the law of chastity to a 24 year old guy that evening. Yeah. I was not super happy about that. But it actually wasn't that bad. We also went street contacting and met a girl named Becks who seemed pretty interested, so we will have to see. Also, chocolate bars are just better here... Sorry America.

Day 15: I met my district today! Our District leader is Elder Vickers and his companion Elder Cornish. Both are very British, it is pretty hilarious. They are in our ward, the York 1 area ward. There is a York 2 area, and Elder Bailey and Sister Koepf are being trained there so I see them sometimes which is awesome!!! Seeing them is a bit of a comfort. We also met with a recent convert Alec, who brought us cookies. He is super solid.

Day 16: It really rained today. And I think that was half the reason this one guy actually let us in when we were door knocking. He felt bad for us... Lol. I actually really didn't mind the rain. We went to an area more into the town centre of York, which was super cool. I wish I could take photos while I am proselyting. Oh well. We saw the wall around York, the Minster and some other old churches. Everything in England is so squished together. I saw my first Pantomime tonight! The church did it, and we had investigators there. It was Snow White. We had to leave early though so we could be home by 9. It was pretty funny. Apparently panto's are really big here in England.

Day 17: I love tea appointments. Though I will say, I think British people like blander food than I do. But that is okay I suppose. We had a bit of a miracle of a lesson with a former investigator... Sister Wood was a little worried going into it, but it was actually alright. Part of the worry was because this guy has some mental challenges, so he isn't exactly always the easiest to talk to. But it went well.

Day 18: Yay normal church!! The ward here is small, but awesome. I, of course, had to bear my testimony since it was my first week here. I think I gave the most random and awkward testimony ever in my entire life. Oops. Oh well. Also, I am about ready to just let people believe that I am from Washington DC. I really should just say I am from the Northwest. Oh well. Live and learn. Oh, also, Happy Mother's Day!!!

I love being here in York!! It is a lovely city and it is full of great people. I love you all so much!!!!'

With Sister Wood

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