Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 3: Tired!

I now understand why every missionary I have talked to says they were/are tired all the time.

Day 19: My first p-day in the field!!! I got to email all of you lovely people!!! I also got to watch Disney movies at the chapel, wear pants, and spend time with a bunch of other missionaries from around the zone. It was super weird watching the end of Princess and the Frog, Brother Bear, and start of Cars 2.... I did it while setting up my iPad. We also did our grocery shopping, cleaning, and all that other good stuff we are meant to do.

Sister Barret's flat
Day 20: Sister Wood started to really make me get used to street contacting. I feel so awkward approaching strangers on the streets! Especially at night. Talk about going against everything that I was told as a little kid. She also was getting me to talk to people at the door... Oh boy. I am so awkward! This one girl opened the door and I just froze. And said "Hi." And then she noticed our badges and said "No" and started to close the door. That's when Sister Wood spoke up. Man, I am a rubbish contacter. We met one nice guy, G, and practically taught him all of lesson 2 while on the door step. Sadly, he wouldn't let us in, but he said we could come back. We met with one of our investigators M, and rescheduled him for baptism. Hopefully things continue to go well!

Day 21: Happy Birthday Devynne! I had my first zone meeting and exchange today! It was fun. The Sister Training Leader in my area is Sister Barry, who is companions with Sister Koepf! Sister Barry was great. (Yes, we were Sisters Barry and Barret for the day) She is so sweet. We had a lesson with this girl named A... Who had some pretty difficult questions for us. It was really interesting. We also met with another one of her investigators by the name of E who is pretty cool. In general, it was a lot of fun to be with those other sisters.

Sister Barret's first planner
Day 22: We saw G again today, and he is officially the first person I invited to be baptised. But then he said no. But then he said we could still come around and that he would read the Book of Mormon. So that was fun. Oh, he still wouldn't let us come inside, so we taught the Restoration, complete with a prayer, on the door step. A bit awkward, but we made it work.

Day 23: Okay, so whoever has told me it rains all the time in England is a liar. It has barely rained since I have been here. We had like one day over a week ago where it really rained. I am waiting for the rain, we have just had lovely sunny days. I finally saw "Meet The Mormons" for the first time. We had a viewing where we and other missionaries invited investigators to come see it with us. I am pretty sure that each companionship had two people with them. We had A and C with us, so that was good. The film was better than I had anticipated, which was also good. Both of our investigators also really liked it as well.

Day 24: We gave service today! We helped some friends of a member who used to be investigators. We helped them move. They really appreciated it and even said that they would call us sometime to have us over for dinner, so that was awesome. Also, it felt so weird walking around in pants. When we had put our pants and jackets on, one of the first things Sister Wood said to me was, "Sister Barret, you have really long legs!" Um, okay, thanks... Just funny how different people look when all you see them wearing is a skirt everyday! Since being here, I have decided that just about every British person can ride a bike really well and also play football (soccer) really well. Every single person who lives here. It is pretty great.

Trying to eat healthy!
Day 25: C came to church! Yay! A couldn't because he was visiting his dad in the hospital. But we had one investigator come! That is always nice. He liked being there, so that was also good. We also taught him later in the day and got him scheduled for baptism! He had been scheduled a while back and then dropped the missionaries hard. But just before I came out, Sister Wood felt like she should contact him again and he welcomed us back. It has been fun teaching him. He is an older Korean man who is really into computer software. He is also pretty hilarious. We also went to the hospital later that night to visit an Elder there. Elder Nirine from South America. He has been out for like 20 months, and then got chicken pox, and then some kind of virus that paralyzed him for a bit. He still can't move very much, but he is healing. It's been rough for him, but he still has a good attitude.

I think one of my favourite parts about being a missionary is when I bear testimony of something and then looking at the listener, looking at their face. You can just tell when they are feeling the Spirit and they appreciate what you have to say. It is a pretty good feeling.

I love you all!!!
At Mission Home

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