Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Week 5: Easter Holiday

Sorry for not mentioning this last week, but the Monday after Easter is a bank holiday, so the library was closed and we didn't have p-day till today! I don't think there is another bank holiday where this will happen until May Day. So that is good to know.

Day 33: We had a zone p-day! That was pretty fun. The zone leaders made us all noodles and chicken with curry. That was pretty good. We also played a few different sports and just had fun hanging out all together. I love being with a bunch of other missionaries once in a while. Just a good reminder that there are lots of us out doing the same thing! Also, I made a slight mistake. Elder Candia has this hot sauce that he was getting people to try... Man, that was hot. I managed to not completely flip out like some people, but I certainly did tear up. And my mouth was burning for a good ten minutes. Man, even the milk I drank really didn't help. Good times... I promise I am usually quite productive. ;)

Day 34: We helped A and A clean up their flat a bit more. A said she wanted to come to a church service! She can't come this week because of the holiday, but she definitely seemed interested, so that is awesome! We were talking to this Moroccan guy on the street today and he told us that he thought American accents were nice on women but sounded weak on men. We really did not know how to reply to him. He also invited us to his restaurant, but we can't actually go because the place serves alcohol. He did agree to meet us at the church though so yay! Today was the first day I got some packages in zone post! Yay! Love you guys!!! My camera also had died at this point, so sorry for the lack of photographs this week....  Also, something that I am coming to love about England is that with literally every dessert you either pour on straight cream or custard on top. Sometimes ice cream. Every single thing. Eating cake? Pour some cream on it. Eating cookies? Here's some ice cream. Eating a crisp? Here's custard. Having pudding? Here's more cream. It's insane and amazing. Good thing we walk a lot!!

Day 35: After a lovely district meeting, we had a Sisters Meeting. It was awesome. It was just like half of the missions sisters and President and Sister Pilkington. We were just allowed to ask whatever questions we wanted and he would answer them. I love President. He is full of all kinds of good things. We had a good conversation about not being too hard on yourself, I know that is something I probably need to work on... At one point he was talking about all of the missionaries and when he paused, I could just feel that love that he felt for all of us. It was amazing and putting the experience in words is really not doing it justice. Later that night, we had a member lesson with Brother Rudd and T since they were going to teach a lesson with us but then the investigator didn't show. We hadn't really planned on that, but it was so great. We ended up talking about how God loves and knows each of us. Definitely all by the spirit, I think it was something we all kind of needed to talk about. T is a recent convert and has had some struggles, so I think we were really able to help him out a bit.

Day 36: I had to start a new journal... Yeah. It's barely been a month and I already filled up a notebook... I wonder how many I will fill by the end of my mission!! We had a lesson with C today that was good. He told us he was excited to be baptised!! Yay! Not much exciting happened today... Did a lot of finding... That is always fun. :)

Day 37: Today was such a beautiful day. We had such amazing weather. We met with a less active, K outside even. We had a good lesson with Ash where we just really tried to focus on his relationship with Jesus Christ. We watched Finding Faith in Christ which I had never seen before, but it is pretty good. Maybe a bit on the cheesy side at times, but you just have to overlook that. We went and saw Elder Narine again today! When we got there, we saw him through the door to the ward and he was standing there with his walker, walking around! I love seeing him even though he doesn't know me! He just really appreciates when we come by. He really has a good attitude about it all.

Day 38: Veeeeery windy day. Sometimes a real struggle wearing skirts all day... Sister Wood also felt a little sick all day, so we had to move a bit slow. She was alright, just a bit nauseous. We were out knocking again today and met this really great guy, Z. He seems really interested, so we are excited about that. C kind of dropped us though today, which is never fun. We got him to agree to meet with us one last time though so we could answer the question he gave us the last time we met with him.

Day 39: Happy Easter everyone and Happy Birthday mom!!! Easter was of course wonderful. Sadly, we did not have any investigators with us, but it was a wonderful sacrament meeting. We went on exchange that night, Sister Koepf and I got to be together! We also got let in while we were knocking and ended up inviting him, his name is C, to be baptised! It was pretty good stuff. He didn't want to because he is Catholic and doesn't see the reason to, but if they continue to meet with him, they will be able to better address his concerns. That was such a miracle.

Day 40: Miracles continued for us while on exchange! Another guy let us in while knocking, and even though he said he was atheist, he said he would meet with us again. We only were there for like 15 minutes, but it was still good. We also met these twins on the street and they are super prepared. They asked us when they could see us again. It was so amazing. I love going on exchange.

Being a missionary has been so awesome, I wouldn't change what I am doing right now for anything. There have certainly been some ups and downs for me this week, but I am growing because of them. It has been so great. I love it here in England, I love the people here, I love my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and I love all of you!

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