Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 32: Okay....

So, everyone, this week hasn't been all that eventful... Until last
night, when we found out about an ET... So Sister Pro is leaving me
to go be an STL in Doncaster. Sister Gorniak is going home to
Australia due to some personal struggles. Sister Cockburn and I are
staying here and getting another sister to be in a trio! 😀 So yeah!
Exciting and crazy things are happening here in Pontefract. The new
sister's name is Sister Hippard and she is from Canada. As of
right now, that is all I know. But I'll know more by tonight!

I'm sad Sister Pro is going, we had such a fun time together. That is
probably why we are getting separated, we were getting along too well.
😉 Even though we kept getting flogged a bunch this past week, it's
still been so fun. We are continuing to work with a lot of less
actives, trying to find those lost sheep out there. And we have been
able to find some of them, so that's been cool. We saw our
investigator, O, and her boyfriend, C, voluntarily showed up
to join us, so that was nice. We rode the bus a lot. 🚌 Even though
this area is geologically smaller than York 1, it is more spread out. My
last area was mostly central.

Um... Not much else... Oh! I gave a talk on Sunday! Not only was I
suppose to do the typical introduce myself, first Sunday sort of deal,
but like an actual ten minute talk on thoughts and impressions I had
from conference. I didn't write it fully out, but it was on Elder
Andersons talk about members and missionaries. I thought it went
pretty well. Hopefully the ward thought so too!

I love you guys so much! Hope you are doing well! ❤️❤️❤️

Sister Barret

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