Thursday, October 6, 2016

Week 31: From York to Pontefract

Day 222: My last full day in York, my last pday in York.... We ended
up mostly chilling at the chapel and playing games there. So yeah,
nothing exciting really. Afterwards, I went around with the desire to
say goodbye to some people... That didn't happen exactly... But, we
did go see S, and all of her family was there. So that was really
great, being able to see them all and say goodbye. Sister Lundahl and
I were able to bare our testimonies to them. It was when S said
the prayer at the end that I got the closest to crying the entire time
I was getting ready to move. Love that family. Once home that
night.... I continued to put off packing....

Day 223: Got up early so I could pack.... Oh well. We then headed off
bright and early so we could be at the station at half seven.... Three
hours before my train, but we had to be there for the other sisters
and such. Saw off Sister Barry, said goodbye to Elder Bailey, picked
up Sister Lundahl's new companion, Sister Reynolds, said goodbye to my
baby girl, and then got on a train all on my own! Crazy... Got to
Leeds, met up with Sister Pro, and then waited around for the rare
train to Pontefract! Got to Pontefract, had lunch, and then headed out
for the day! Pontefract is quite different from York.... Much hillier.
And we don't just cover Pontefract, but also Knottingly, Featherstone,
Castleford... And one more that I can't remember. Normingtom
or something like that. We ended up going to visit a less active,
D, he's super nice. And had tea at a newly returned members home,
they are hilarious. Overall, a pretty good day!

Day 224: First full day in Pontefract! Went to see an investigator,
had a pretty normal day of finding... Yup. Our investigator is named
O. But yeah, it was good stuff.

Day 225: We are doing a lot of work with less actives in this area. We
first went to see J and talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ.
She has a lot of cool old American western stuff, felt right back at
home! Just kidding. But she is really sweet. We then went to go see
S, who is amazing and her nine year old granddaughter is
investigating the church, so that's pretty cool.

Day 226: We went on a sort of mini split (with permission), so I went
out for a few hours with Sister Cockburn. She's very sweet and
musically talented. And from New Zealand. We went about going by some
members, did some finding, tried by a few lost sheep... Pretty normal
missionary stuff. We then went to ward coordination.... Which was very
different than what I am used to in York one... Slowly but surely,
getting used to the new area....

Day 227: Yay conference weekend! Started out by watching the women's
session with our relief society in the morning over breakfast. Loved
Elder Uchtdorfs talk. It is a good thing to remember as missionaries!
Fourth floor, last door. Quite catchy. We then went to try to find
more lost sheep... And then headed to York! We went to York to watch
conference. Caught a train, got stuck in some rain.... Ended up
sitting outside my old flat waiting around for them to show up. And oh
was Sister Lundahl surprised to see me! She had no idea I was coming.
No one did. I didn't till I got to Pontefract. So I was able to
surprise a couple of people.... Surprised S and A, love
them! Surprised Sh who tackled me with a hug... It was a good
evening between that and a great session of conference. Until we had
to head home.... We thought we had the right train times.... But we
were wrong. And we ended up having to take a train from York to Leeds
to Wakefield (crossing three mission zones!) to Pontefract... Want to
know when we got home? Let's just say, we were barely home in time for
lights out. It's funny, cause back home, that would be no big deal,
but as missionaries, it was the worst! We were tired and stressed and
just wanted to be home. But alas, we had to take a super packed train,
full of people who were just partying since it was a Saturday night...
Man, crazy stuff. But we did get home eventually, safe and sound 😊

Day 228: More conference! But this time, we watched at members houses,
first at the Goslings and then we went to the Bartons, whose parents
are in York one! They were all super great of course, lots of snacks
😉 I loved the emphasis on the simple doctrines, faith, repentance,
the plan of happiness, and also the focus on missionary work! All very
applicable to what I am currently doing, so that was very nice. I hope
all of you also enjoyed it! I personally can't pick a favourite, but I
would love to hear all of yours!

Love you guys!!!

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