Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 34: What A Week.....

Monday: Pday. Nothing exciting. We then went to see Marien and her
family again for FHE. Quite lovely. Kind of ended up watching their
kids at one point... Their little boy is so cute. And their little
girl. Both their kids are just adorable. Eyre family is great, even if
he language barrier is still kind of there. We are getting better with
our half English, half Spanish conversations.

Tuesday: Got up, got on a train and headed to York! And oh my
goodness, we were there for interviews, but I personally got so much
more out of the travel over. So, it was someone from York One funeral,
which made me quite sad because it was very unanticipated. So the
funeral was this day, so members from the ward were about.... And when
I first got through the doors of the building I was so excited because
Cheryl was there! I was completely surprised! I came through the door
completely ignoring the other missionaries who were in there and gave
her a big hug. Man, I was just overjoyed. I totally get that scripture
in D&c better, "how great will be your joy..." Yeah. It was great.
Headed back home. Had a pasty, which was nice and basically what I had
anticipated it to be like. Went to go see David and the Whaites, which
was of course great. They are so funny and just got back from Canada
the day before to see a new grand baby. So yeah, that was nice. We
then went to the chapel... But then ended up spending our time instead
of teaching a new person, having our time where I actually
just sat in the corner practicing piano. Mom, be proud of me! 😉

Wednesday: Went to Selby for district meeting and coughed half the
time... Came home and went to go see a recent convert named Ron. He's
nice and very smart. Had a good lesson with him. Then headed out to do
a bit knocking... But I had to sit for a bit because my body was kind
of giving up a bit... Had tea with some members and hen went to go see
Sarah again. That was fun, even if that's basically when I just lost
my voice...

Thursday: Well... For the first time on my mission I stayed in... Due
to being sick. Not a fan. Slept and didn't leave till about 12:30, did
some missionary work, had tea at a members house, and then went back
home and slept for 12 hours. Not a very eventful day in general.

Friday: Did our planning, went to see Howard, we are debating how long
we are going to keep seeing him for... Went to go see Sue, that was
lovely. The missionary who taught her thirty years ago Skyped in, that
was fun. Wen then went home, went to ward coordination and then caught
a train to York! So good to see Sister Lundahl again. There were nine
of us I the York One sisters flat... That was fun!

Saturday: Woke up at 4:30 in he morning so we could be at the
chapel... At was fun.. Took a coach to Huddersfield and got to the
meeting super early. Which wasn't actually that bad because that mean
that I got to see everyone I wanted to. Thougbeing there with all of
me my mission made me realise just how few people I know in my
mission. There are 206 of us in my mission. It was so great seeing
Sister Pro, Sister Wood, Sister Koepf... So many people I love! So
yeah. Mission Conference. Five general authorities. It was awesome. We
got to shake hands with all of them and their wives. And then we went
back to York and went on exchange. I went with Sister Berg. Did some
finding and went by some less actives because all of our plans fell
through... And then at tea time, I felt horrible so I called Sister
Turvey again and stayed home.

Sunday: Another wonderful conference! So many good things this week
basically. Got to see lots of people from York which was also amazing.
President Nelson is so great, it was just an amazing conference. And I
sat there struggling to not cough, but that's okay... We went back to
Pontey after that. Went to visit some people. Got rudely kicked out by
a carer. Had pancakes at a members house. Tried to avoid being out in
the cold. Yup. That's about it.

It was a very long and very filled week basically. It was amazing,
even if difficult for me on a personal health level. But good. Hope
all of you are having a good week as well! Love you guys!

Sister Barret

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