Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Week 46: Windy Weather!

Hey everyone!!!

This week has been pretty good. Thankfully, my back has been a lot better, so that has been making the work a lot more enjoyable. Man, when I don't feel well, I have a lot harder time enjoying what I do!

So, last Monday, Sister Majc and I went to go visit S in the evening after p-day. Love her, she is so hilarious. She is starting to express a desire to go to the temple sometime, so we are starting to work with her towards that. Man do I miss the temple sometimes!

Tuesday we went to go see K and we were also able to see Ch as well. We had a really great lesson where we were able to follow the spirit and read the scriptures and help both of them to come closer to God. From there, we went to the library to meet a potential, but he didn't show sadly. But instead, we finally got into contact with O! She hasn't been avoiding us as it turns out! She showed us some things that someone had brought to the museum for her to research about, she even let us hold a cannonball from England's civil war! Isn't that cool! That evening we went to go see the Waites and D again, always lovely. We also had a really good ward coordination meeting as well where we were able to make some steps forward to continuing to help this ward.

On Wednesday we of course went to Selby for district meeting. Got to love bus rides! It was a good meeting though. Like always. Love my district! Later, we went to go visit J again and had a lovely time with her, even though the winds were almost able to blow us over! That was crazy. Plans didn't all go quite to plan, but we ended up having a good day anyways!

Thursday, we brought K with us to visit R and had a lovely conversation about temples with him as well. that man has so many good questions! I'm always a little worried that we won't be able to answer his questions! But we usually can. He's great. We did some finding and then went to go to the Phiri's to have tea with them. They are amazing, and their food is pretty good too! ;)

Friday during our study time we got on some trains to York to go on exchange with Sister Berg! Love our STL's! We had our Weekly Planning with them, that was nice. I went with Sister Berg to have two first lessons back to back at the library. It's funny, because the second one was apparently not going to happen, but he showed up! It was cool. "Mormonism, it's the new black!" We had a good time... We then took the car, knocked some doors and visited a less active. A pretty good day in all!

We traveled back Saturday morning and then headed out to Normanton to visit some members and less actives. We actually met a less active man who said he wanted for us to come by again and help him refresh his memory basically, so that was cool.

And then Sunday! We went by some more less actives and all that jazz... But in the evening, we went to go see bishop and had a good meeting with him. Was able to show him some of things that we have been able to do lately, and just have a really good conversation with him about a lot of people in the ward.

So that has been my week! I hope you have all been able to do well as well! I love you guys and hope your 2017 is going well so far!!!

Sister Barret

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