Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 6: Conference

This week was a weird one. But conference was amazing! I hope everyone was able to watch and have questions answered and in general be uplifted and edified!

Day 41: Not a huge fan of Tuesday p-day. Really throws things off for us. We went to the chapel again for p-day, that was pretty fun. So many missionaries go there, it's always a good time. That night we had a really great lesson with S. She told us about more things that had happened recently so we were able to listen and comfort her. We had brought Brother Wilkinson with us, our ward mission leader, and he gave her a blessing. We also scheduled her for May 7! We are really excited about helping her on her journey to come closer to Christ.

Day 42: We went out knocking for a bit... In the pouring rain. Which caused us to get let in! That was awesome. He was on his way out though, but he said he would meet with us again, so we are hopeful! We went over to K's again to help her out in her yard, which was kind of nice to do not only for her, but also for us. It was fun doing a bit of yard work for the first time in a very long time. We met with a man who we met on the streets the other day, K. We taught him the Restoration and he also accepted a date for baptism! That was pretty awesome. He has lost a lot of people close to him recently, so we just know the peace and happiness that our message can bring to his life. That night we went and visited Elder Narine again. He has been improving leaps and bounds! It has been one miracle after another with his healing. He really doesn't want to have to go home.

Day 43: We had zone training! That was super awesome. President Pilkington is the best. He always has such great things to teach us. We did some more knocking, and it was actually nice enough out that we were able to take our coats off for a bit! We saw L, a less active lady in our ward. She has such a testimony, it's amazing. She is so great.

Day44: We got a new big whiteboard put up, that was awesome. Sad the things that get you excited as a missionary sometimes... We also visited Elder Narine again, who has continued to heal! He had walked a mile that morning, which is huge. By the way, we are told when to visit him, don't think we are just wasting time by going to see him. We had a lesson with the guy who let us in when we were knocking in the rain. His name is T. We would have scheduled him, but he is apparently going to Thailand for a few weeks, so we had no idea when he would be back. We also found out he is married and that she had expressed a bit of interest as well. So yay!

Day 45: Yay conference! We watched the Saturday morning session at the church at 5 pm. It was really good. I think my favourite talk from that session was Donald L. Hallstrom's. That one was really great. Afterwards, we went and visited with R again which is always super. She is so sweet. The rest of that day we basically just did various finding activities.

Day 46: Yay more conference! We were able to watch the Saturday afternoon session (my favourite talk was probably Bednar's) and then the Sunday morning session (my favourite being both Sister Oscarson's and Uchtdorf's). I had written some questions down before conference started and basically all of them were answered. It was so amazing. I love conference so much. But yeah, I have not seen the Sunday afternoon session yet, so no spoilers! ;) Went about doing more contacting between sessions, which is always great.

This week was filled with really great spiritual meetings. I am so grateful that the Lord answers our questions, even if it isn't exactly how we anticipate it! Love you guys!

Sister Barret

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