Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 9: Faith

I had to do a spiritual thought on faith at our last district meeting.
Faith is such an amazing thing. At stake conference, President
Pilkington gave a talk about the subject, and asked from Christ's
perspective, "do you trust me?" So this is something that I have been
thinking a lot about lately. How do I trust my saviour? How can I
better show my trust in Him?

Day 61: I reported two months ago, crazy!! Time is really flying by...
Not much happened since it was pday, a pretty chill pday. We went and
taught B in the evening. Because we don't live in our area any
more, I feel like all of our days are cut short due to travel time we
have to take. It's a struggle.

Day 62: We taught a lovely woman named A. She has three kids. She
totally felt the spirit,it was amazing. She agreed with basically
everything we were saying. She is such a sweet lady. We also taught
S again, so that was great. She has had such a hard life, every
time we go see her, you can just see how uplifted she is by the end
because of the spirit. It is amazing.

Day 63: Did lots of knocking. Went by some potentials that sadly
didn't work out. Made appointments with some other people. Normal
missionary stuff. 😊

Day 64: We went on exchange! And it was a beautiful day! Sister Barry
and I got so sunburned! Ack! Where am I!? Also, happy 90th birthday
to the queen! We saw a cool marching band in town. Taught some cool
investigators. Talked to a guy on the streets about records, that was
fun. By the way, York is a really beautiful city.

Day 65: Went knocking. Saw K again. Got cancelled on. Spoke to
some really great people on the streets.

Day 66: Taught S! She is so ready to be baptised! She is so
excited! She can't wait! We had the most wonderful lesson with her. We
were talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ and we had brought
Sister Gore with us. Sister Gore was so great. Her testimony really
touched S perfectly. She testified about how we are all Christs
brothers and sisters, and it really touched me as well. I am so
grateful that I know I am a daughter of an all powerful being who
loves me perfectly. It is amazing. I love this gospel. So later, we
went and saw L, ran into G on the street and also went by the
Hicktens. Also did a bit of knocking. A pretty good day basically.

Day 67: S came to church! And brought her mom! Sister Gore was
kind enough to pick them up. So many members came up to her to talk to
her about how they remember her and all that. It was great. They were
all so kind.  She liked being there, so that was a plus! Later, Sister
Wood and I went contacting in Rowntree park, which is a beautiful
place. I wish I could send photos from the iPad, but I can't.... I
will next time! We talked to this one lady who ended up crying because
her sister had just passed away and it was just really great. She told
us that she really appreciated us stopping and talking to her. So that
was awesome. It's moments like that where I am so grateful for this
opportunity that I have to be out and serving!

I love you all! Talk to you next week!

Sister Barret

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