Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Week 10: Moved!

I have now moved twice this transfer... And they will probably have us move again. What is this?

Rowntree Park

Day 68: Another zone p-day, so lovely. Got to meet some new missionaries since it is the first one we have had since the transfer. Went out with the York 2 sisters and got some really good food. We ended up teaching S that night, it was great. We had brought Jake Gore with us (he got off his mission back in October) and without us knowing, S’s son was there! (Not sure if I've mentioned before, they used to know each other in school and football) That was great to have them meet. Mind you, it was a bit odd since we were teaching Law of Chastity and Word of Wisdom, but I just had to remind myself that I should never be ashamed to declaring the truth.

Day 69: We got let in! We had been knocking doors, not talking to too many people, when this guy, T let us in! And we taught him the first lesson, he asked lots of good questions, Sister Wood and I were having a really great flow together, we scheduled him, and then he prayed at the end! And he said a great prayer. It was such a good lesson, probably the best first lesson we have ever had. We taught S again and went over the interview questions since her interview was the next day! 

Day 70: We had district meeting, President showed up half way through since he was early for S's interview, so that was awesome. I love President. He always has such great insights. "Do you have an open heart?" So right afterwards, S came and passed her interview!! Yay! She is going to be baptized on May 7th! We are so excited for her! We have just seen how much the gospel has been able to help her find peace, so we know it will only grow as she takes a further step. It is so amazing. Now Sister Wood and I have to plan a first class baptism! (our mission always talks about making everything first class)

Day 71: I think Sister Wood and I may have gotten hypothermia... We hadn't anticipated the cold... But besides that, we knocked more doors, had some really great conversations, found some people who were open to learn more in general, pretty good day. 

Day 72: The Zone Leaders came to our Weekly Planning, that was interesting. It was kind of nice though because we could get their opinions and help on our baptism plans. Elder Rusbjerg and Barendse are hilarious. Knocked more doors, but then got interrupted by the Zone Leaders telling us to go home and pack because we were moving once again! This time, we and  the Elders in our area made a switch! After that, we saw S again, which is always wonderful. She is such an amazing woman. She is so kind and the most loving person. She is so filled with patience and faith. Oh, so since it was our last night together as a four sister flat, we made pancakes. Meaning I made pancakes... And I guess you could say I took a page out of dad's book in some ways... Since I had four pans going... And I accidentally caught one of them on fire. Which was awesome. Sister Wood and Barry freaked out. And then the smoke alarm went off. And Sister Koepf was still following up with Elder Rife in the other room. He had some questions when that happened...

Day 73: We moved flats. To the infamous elder's flat that has been used for elders in the area for the past 7 years. Apparently, it used to be disgusting. But it really isn't that bad. I guess the senior couple, Elder and Sister Culbert, has really been making the elders clean it up lately. Because it really isn't bad. And it is huge! Compared to where we have been living, this flat is really a house! We have front and back gardens! We have stairs! We have rooms we don't even use most days! It is crazy... We then went on a blitz with the sisters, so that was fun. Sister Koepf and I had some really good conversations with people as we were knocking doors. Later, Sister Wood and I saw G, which was a bit sad because we aren't very sure any more as to how much of a desire he really has to learn. So I don't think we will be teaching him for much longer. Sad day.

Day 74: I can't believe it is May!!! And Fast Sunday again! And S came to church! Yay! That I can believe. The testimony portion was so good. It really applied to her. She really felt the spirit, and so did we. It was so good. We also had a really great Relief Society lesson about small and simple things, that was great. Because it's true. Life is hard and get's busy sometimes. But even if we try to do a few little things every day, things will be so much better. We don't have to do big things all the time, but putting forth some effort every day is what will help us most in the end. Later, we visited L again, who is always so much fun to visit. 

Day 75: Weirdly wasn't p-day due to the bank holiday. Sorry for not warning anyone.... I think the next bank holiday is the last Monday of May. But I will check and be better about telling everyone. We were knocking doors and it just started dumping rain. It was fun. We always make the most of the rainy days. Thankfully though, it didn't stay that way and turned into a beautiful day! Talked to more great people, stopped by some people, usual missionary stuff. :) 

Overall, a wonderful week full of miracles! I love you guys!!Can't wait till Mother's Day!

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