Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week 18: Transfer #4

Soooooo..... We got our transfer call last night! And I am staying here in the beautiful city of York! But Sister Wood is going. And I am training. And now I am also panicking a bit as well. It'll be exciting. Next week I will be able to tell you how it actually is! I pick her up tomorrow!
With new Mission President Turvey & his wife

Day 131: Another zone p-day full of fun games and such. Including human Hungry Hippos... That was a bit of a dangerous game.... But fun! And then afterwards, we went finding for 3 hours because all of our plans fell through, which is seriously the worst.

Day 132: Went and saw both C and S! C said that we are her guardian angels, which was very sweet. And then S said that I always look posh... Which is hilarious since I for sure just look like a frumpy sister missionary 95% of the time....  Also, she says I am going to marry Mr. Muscle, which is funnier to me because it is actually a cleaning product here. And then we also saw C again. A lot of running around to different lessons basically, which is always fun! :)

Day 133: We had to open the building and turn on the heating before 7 am because of an STL meeting that was happening there later. It is both the best and the worst living right by the building... Knocked lots of doors in the rain, had some good conversations, it was fun. Especially when it started getting windy as well! We then also went to S's, which is always the best! She is seriously the sweetest lady.

Day 134: We cleaned the building with the elders... Because we met President Turvey today!!! He is pretty cool. I think I will like him. It is a bit weird making the switch, but we will manage. I don't think a whole lot is going to change... Maybe our use of iPads, but other than that, we are just going to keep going the way we are. We then went to tea at the Gores, and Sister Gore brought us and Ch to the building for the Relief Society activity! C also came, so that was awesome.

Day 135: Sister Wood and I had our last Weekly Planning.... Weird... And then we went to see S and Ch again, so that was great. They are progressing so well. Love them.

Day 136: Went contacting for a bit and then saw Sh again with Sister Cosens... And Sh surprised us with making us lunch! Spag bol and brownies she had put Ferrero Roche in, making them really yummy. Got flogged a few more times. Visited Pat and Barbara... We were street contacting down the road when this lady stopped us! She complimented my skirt. And then we got chatting and she wanted us to meet her dog so we went with her to her house... Where she lives with her sister, a lady we have contacted like 5 or 6 times! Turns out, they have family members who are members, and we taught them and scheduled them for baptism!!!! It was awesome. Miracles are so real.

Day 137: Sh came to church!!! It was so great. The only thing was A kind of running around everywhere, but that is to be anticipated by a two year old coming to church for the first time. We also went to see S again, but then we were surprised by a house full of people! K, A, S, L, and S's friend were all there, so that was quite unanticipated.... Missions really do keep us on our toes....

Well wish me luck folks! Cause I am starting a new adventure tomorrow! One that I really don't know if I can do! I am quite nervous, but I know God has called me for a reason, and it is up to me to find our what that reason is!!! Love you guys! I'm sure you will hear all about it next week :)

Sister Barret

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