Sunday, July 24, 2016

Week 20

Day 145: Another p-day come and gone. Didn't do much. Knocked some doors. Went and saw S. Usual missionary stuff.

Day 146: Went knocking, taught Ch who is so excited to be baptised, stopped by Sh, had tea at the Gore's, went to ward coordination and taught C. We were walking home later that evening when a guy we had contacted a few weeks passed ran into us again. He remembered me and said that he had told his wife and some friends about us because he thought it was so great that young women like ourselves are going out and talking to people about God. So that was cool. He still wasn't really interested, but cool to know people appreciate what we do.

Day 147: I was well tired this day... And some grumpy old lady told me to get a real job. Nothing much happened. This guy tried to hold hands with Sister Lundahl, that was funny and awkward.

Day 148: Went on exchange! I went with Sister Chamings, who is seriously Wendy from Peter Pan. Taught some people, had a good day. Killed my feet. Someone thought I was Canadian again. That keeps happening now that I am no longer with another American.... Sister Barry said that she always feels like companions are meant to be with each other, but for some reason, she said she felt like that was especially true for Sister Lundahl and I. Interesting thought.

Day 149: Oh, little dumb miracle. I had prayed that I would receive a letter from someone when I got home from exchange... And when we got home from exchange there was a letter right there on the ground waiting for me. Yes, God even listens to our dumb things sometimes. He knew what it meant to me, so He helped it to happen. God loves us so much! Knocked some doors, went to go see Ch and her house was all smoky and I got worried. It was her friend, and Ch had said no when she offered her one as well! Yay Chl!!!

Day 150: So, something that I have really learned a lot about since coming on my mission is trying to follow the Spirit more. And today I think I did a better job about it. We were knocking somewhere, and it was not being very productive. That is when I had the thought to go knock back where Sister Lundahl and I were knocking her very first day. So we did. And then once we were on the street, I felt like we should knock from the opposite end we were on. And Sister Lundahl thought I was just being weird, but I just told her that I felt like we should. No, we don't have a story about finding this like picture perfect golden investigator. Instead, we found this amazing person, who is actually an excommunicated member. She was absolutely lovely. We had such a good chat with her and she said we could come back around again. When we left, we felt like we were meant to meet her. It was so cool. God knows best! And it really showed me that God truly does remember all of His children, even the ones who have gone away for a bit. So cool. And then that night, we street contacted a lady who gave us doughnuts. You could say it was a pretty good day. ;)

Day 151: Sh came to church! But had to leave because A sort of threw a fit... But it was awesome she came. She is so close to her due date... She also had us over for tea, which was so good! I have never had minted lamb before, but news flash, it is good. She really does do good food. Sadly, Ch did not come to church. We stopped by her house in the evening, and good thing we did. She felt bad about it. She got really anxious, and that's why she didn't go. So we were able to reassure her and help her by coming by. Thankfully, she does still have a desire to be baptised, so we are still moving forward! She is so great. Like everyone else, she has her struggles, but we are doing our best to help her!

So lesson learned this week, trust God's timing. It is so much better than our own. Just remember that when things don't work out as planned!!!

Love you guys!!! <3

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