Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Week 30: Transfer 6

Hey everyone! Guess what?! I'm leaving York! It's crazy and I was
starting to think I'd be lucky enough to just stay here forever... But
alas, the time has come. I'm moving areas. But, I am not moving very
far away. I am staying in the same zone! I will still be in the York
zone, but instead of serving in the York one ward, I will be serving
over in Pontefract with Sister Pro! I've met her before, she's been
serving there in Pontefract for awhile now, and she's great!

Day 215: Another zone p-day, so fun. Played some land hockey and other
various games... Also found out a lot of the zone is more musically
inclined than they had originally let on. Afterwards, we tried to make
contact with Ch... Still no luck. Ended up visiting a member. And
then that night, I convinced Sister Lundahl to dye her hair for the
first time! So funny. And fun. And looks good!

Day 216: Got flogged like twenty times.... But we had a good time
knocking doors.... This guy opened the door and I started talking and
said something about us being volunteers for our church.... He looked
at us and asked "oranges?" I was so confused! I had no idea what he
was talking about!!! And then I kind of repeated myself and he was all
like, "Oh, I know who you are, you're Jehovah's Witnesses, I can
read." I just looked at him thinking no..... No.... Not at all... Man,
some people really make me laugh. We then went to have tea at the
Gore's house with the elders, which is still weird. Oh well. Then we
went to ward coordination like usual. Afterwards, we then went to see
if we could go by S. Couldn't find her, she wasn't in, but then I
oddly decided to go down a random snicket.... Where she was walking
our way! Thank goodness! She invited us up and we finally made contact
again! Yay!

Day 217: We had district meeting, last one of the transfer, and the
APs and zone leaders were all there! And my DL had asked me to
instruct the training model! Ack! It was the first time I've done that
outside of my own companionship.... I was a bit stressed with such an
audience... But it happened, I survived. Went by a potential, she
wasn't in, which was still disappointing as ever. We continued on our
way... But then a car pulled up beside us, it was her! She had to go
pick up her son who had just had an accident at school and had to take
him to the doctor, but came back just to tell us she hadn't forgotten
us! So great! We were so happy! Knocked some doors and had some good
conversations. Some guy asked if we were Mormons or JWs. We told him
and he said that we didn't look like JWs. I wonder what he meant....
Visited a less active, had tea at a members house, went to see Sh
again. And she is finally reading the Book of Mormon again! Yay!

Day 218: Went to a potential lesson out in a village.... And
scheduled! L is a lovely lady and is curious to find out if God is
really there. So yeah. That was awesome. We then also went to visit a
less active, which turned out to be weirdly inspired. And then we had
tea with S, K was also there and actually sat in on the lesson
portion, where I know he felt the spirit... Then we went to the chapel
where someone was supposed to meet us, but alas, no show. Sad. But
still a good day in general!

Day 219: Knocked some doors, visited a member who is going through a
bit of a hard time because her father is passing away, had tea at
bishops, where he referred us to someone! We are pretty excited about
that! Tried to see Chl, still nothing... Had popped by the chapel
to help clean up after some baptisms, K, who was taught by the
York two sisters thanked me because it was actually Sister Barry and I
who had found her and taught her for the first time. Made me feel good

Day 220: Went to see Sh again, had lunch with her. Man, she
seriously has the cutest daughters ever. We then went by a potential
and then had tea at a members house... Basically, we kind of just ate
a lot....

Day 221: Last day of Sister Lundahl's 12 Week training. Crazy. Hope
she learned enough from me! Sacrament meeting was so good, it was a
missionaries farewell. His uncle spoke first, talking about missionary
work and all the hardships and blessings... He said something about
saying farewell to his son and then later thinking about how that may
have been the last time he ever saw his son because missionaries can
die since we are humans too.... Man, the ward lost it. Everyone just
started laughing so hard, us and the elders were all sitting there
thinking, well thanks for that thought.... It was so funny. It was
good though. Got to say sorta goodbyes to people since I wasn't sure
at that point if I was going, I just thought I was. After church, had
tea with some members, got flogged, visited another less active and
then we're in early for transfer calls!

And that's my week! Hope you are all doing well, seeing miracles,
sharing the gospel, serving others, all that good stuff that makes
life worth while! Love you guys! Wish me luck in Pontefract!

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