Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 11: Baptism!

Day 76: A Tuesday p-day due to the bank holiday. Kind of throws us off. Oh well. We went about to different shops to get things for S's baptism, we wandered into the Museum Gardens, and we chilled a bit at the church. Nothing super exciting. We went and saw T again, which I love her, but sometimes it can be a bit frustrating since she obviously has the faith, she just is poorly a lot of the time and that stops her from coming to church.

Day 77: Had like a 20 minute conversation on the phone with S in the morning. Everything in her life seemed to be collapsing in on her a bit, but she still had the determination to be baptised. She is such an example to me of faith and perseverance. Every time I talk with her she just reminds me of how much we need to rely on the Lord and on His knowledge and timing. Because He wants what is best for us. He knows us and loves us so He will help us. He will strengthen us in ways we have no idea about. I am so grateful for that knowledge that the gospel brings into my own life. And I am so grateful that I have this chance to share it with other people. Knocked more doors. Saw P again, another example in my life of continual faith and trust in God. She is so wonderful.

Day 78: Had district meeting where we talked about what it means to be a successful missionary and other good things like that. Also, the weather here has been absolutely gorgeous. I feel bad that the elders are supposed to always wear their suit jacket because we have gone without coats most of this week. It has been sunny and warm. Such a blessing! Also a blessing was when we spoke to S, she was so much happier. Things weren't necessarily a whole lot better, but she was happy. We ran into a random less active woman, just shows you never know who you will talk to on the streets. Taught B again, such a hilarious lady.

Day 79: Not a whole lot happened today... S randomly texted us telling us how happy she was, so that was a blessing. Sister Wood had a two hour long driving lesson, which we thankfully survived. I got bored and a bit car sick, but I managed. Before we did that actually, we did a bit of spontaneous service for flood victims since we had gathered so much stuff when it happened, we still have supplies at the church. So we helped make bags of things so they could be distributed. Went and visited Sister Hickton, another wonderfully faithful woman.

Day 80: We went and saw L, knocked some doors in the heat, taught G again.... And then S's baptism!!! Yay!!!! Her family came, Sister Wood set things up pretty first class, the speakers did well, everything was going great, and then we went to the baptismal font. And the water came up to their knees. For some reason, it had stopped filling. We don't know why, all we know is that we needed more water. So Sister Wood and I brought everyone back into the chapel, did our interlude bit early, did a spontaneous musical number with the York 2 sisters, all while the elders and some other brethren continued to fill the font every way possible to make it as fast as possible. Not only did they turn the water back on, but they started getting buckets and bowls and filling them in the kitchen and dumping them in. Sister Wood and I were pretty anxious and slightly embarrassed about the whole thing. But the important thing is that S was able to enter the waters of baptism that night. She was such a trooper, she was calm the whole time. We felt bad, but it was fine.

Day 81: S was confirmed a member and received the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Her family members came for this as well. It was so wonderful to have them there and to have them feel the spirit that is there at church. They left after sacrament meeting, but S stayed the whole time. She is seriously so great. And it is amazing to hear her family talk about the difference they have seen in her since she started meeting with us. She has been such an example to her family. And then, after church, I got to Skype my lovely family from the Munzer's home. Loved seeing all of your faces! Thankfully, doing that didn't make me too homesick, that wouldn't have been good. It was fun though. :) And then that night we went and visited R who is just so adorable.

Love you all!! Till next week. Cheers!

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