Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 13: Finished!

I have officially finished with training! Because training is a 12 week programme and this transfer has an extra week, this next week Sister Wood and I are just going to be normal missionaries. Should be fun!

Day 89: But yeah. P-day! And this one was a zone p-day, so I don't really have any photos for this week... But yeah. We played chair football, which I don't particularly like, but it is still fun. The elders are pretty hilarious about playing. Especially Elder Campbell, that kid can play football. He is so quick.  Also, somehow, Sister Wood and I are like the only set of sisters who ever want to play sport. Not sure why that is. So after p-day, we went out street contacting for a bit and visited P again. Pretty normal post p-day activities.

Day 90: We had another great lesson with J! She is seriously so adorable. She is so excited to come to church. It is just a struggle because her mum doesn't love the fact that she is learning about the church... But she is determined to learn the truth and to act on what she learns about, even if a bit guttered that her mum isn't being all that supportive. So far, she has been loving everything we teach her and is excited to be baptised, so yay! Oh my goodness, we went to S's for tea. She is seriously the best member missionary ever. She made sure that her mum was there and also her son surprised us by showing up, so S was chuffed that so many of us were together. Not only was her food good, but also how she asked her mum questions and such, causing her to think about things and it was just awesome. I love her so much. Sadly we had to dash right after though because of ward coordination meeting.

Day 91: Oh my goodness I reported 3 months ago!! Time is flying by! Today was pretty alright, talked with lots of people, had tea at the Gores, went and saw S (she wanted us to because she knew K would be home)... Just a good day. She and K are so adorable. Love that family. And K is slowly being softened, it is amazing to see. He has been so supportive of her and her decision and is just become more and more friendly with us as well. I have come to realize that he actually reminds me a bit of dad. In like the best way possible of course. Just a real family man, hard working, funny... Lots of things. It is interesting.

Day 92: We taught J the Word of Wisdom, which she had a bit of a strong reaction to "no tea," but this is England! ;) After talking about it for a bit though she was able to accept it, so that was good. We did more finding, had some good laughs.... Good stuff. We then went and taught this lady C for the first time. We taught her about the plan of happiness, which she loved, and also accepted a date for baptism! Yay! She is a pretty cool older woman. Later we ended up going to K's. Who is seriously so sweet, I just wish she would come to church!

Day 93: Weekly planning went long... And then we went out to a village that is full of people over the age of 85... Had tea at the Parkers... And then went and saw L again. A pretty chill day to be honest.

Day 94: We went on blitz with the sisters again, that was fun. We walked past Elders Rife and Bailey and they made us take their umbrella... Some people are too charitable... I don't like having an umbrella, but oh well. We ended up knocking into a less active who I had heard had yelled at missionaries in the past, but he actually was quite lovely. And the reason he hasn't been very active... I don't know if I would want to come to church after something like that either. But I guess that is the thing about church. It helps us get through those times. Because no matter how much we don't feel like it, Heavenly Father is still there and one of the ways he can help us is through other people...  Some people take different paths and that is their choice. Afterwards we went and saw the Hickton's, and then we went by G (who we are going to have to drop...), and then we stopped by S's because we know that Saturday nights are usually kind of hard for her... But we were met with a surprise! Her son was actually home with her! Yay! So that was great. He just decided to stay home. She was actually just going to text us and see if we were in the area, so inspiration works in funny ways some times. But it was good. He didn't really actively listen and join our conversation, but he was in the same room as us, so we hope that what we shared helped him a bit as well.

Day 95: We of course went to church! Sadly, none of our investigators came, but S was there, so that was good. She is so great. Talk about the easiest person to integrate into the ward. She already knew half the people from years ago and she is just so chill and chatty that she gets along with everyone. She is so cute and is already volunteering to help out with various activities and such. So great. We then followed a prompting of Sister Woods that left us quite confused because we have no idea what it was that we were supposed to have accomplished in that time... But then we went and saw B again, which is always fun.

So as you can see, it was a pretty good week, had some ups and downs, but whose week doesn't have those? I love you guys!! Can't believe transfers are next week! I wonder what will happen!

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