Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Week 14: Transfers Round 2!

So nothing is happening this transfer! Sister Wood and I are staying
here together. Yup. Actually, my entire district is staying the same
funny enough.

So I am writing this email from my iPad, and I am apologising now that
it isn't going to be like my weeks prior. I will just let you all know
of some high lights.

Because our flat used to be an elder flat, all of them and the senior
couple came over to help us clean up the garden and clean out all the
rubbish that is extra in there. Because we are actually moving flats
this Friday. I don't know the address, but it is literally right
across the road from the church.

Speaking of church, J came! And she liked it! She is so cute. The
night before, she came with us to have tea at S's and then attend
someone else's baptism. She felt the spirit so much, it was amazing.
She is so great.

We also started teaching S's mum, A. She is pretty adorable.
She started to become more curious about the gospel because of the
miracles she has seen happen with S. Because she is still pain
free and loving the church. She has made so many friends already. She
is so cute. Love her so much!

Knocked lots more doors... An old former of ours called us and wants
to see us again, that was cool. Started teaching this fifteen year old
lad, his name is L. He seems pretty alright as well. Taught him in
the library, lol.

Not a whole lot else this week, sorry for this absolutely rubbish
weekly email... Just know that I love you all and next weeks will be

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