Friday, September 2, 2016

Week 25: Here We Go!

Day 180: Another pday. Went and had lunch with some other
missionaries, went to some shops, ended up at the chapel for a good
chunk of time with a bunch of other missionaries watching films. Good
stuff. Always nice to have just a chill day. Tried by Sh again and
still nothing... Ended up going to see Ch, who we had a great
lesson with. On her own she acknowledged the need for her to stop
smoking, so that was awesome. I was kind of tired when we went by, but
it was okay.

Day 181: Did some service for a lady by doing her back garden. That
was fun. Knocked some doors, talked to some lovely people. Had ward
coordination, met Elder Barney's new trainee Elder Holyoak. Nothing
too exciting.

Day 182: went to district meeting, met with a less active member who
contacted us through (that was intense), went and saw L
(who judged shaved her head for charity!), and partied hard. Sounds
like mission life right?!

Day 183: officially six months since I reported to the MTC crazy!!
Gave some more service, helped paint a raft thingy that I have a cute
picture on my camera of but I didn't ever use a computer today so I
can't exactly send it, sorry. Went to Ch's and read lots of Book
of Mormon with her to help her understand more.

Day 184: went and saw the Hicktons, I feel bad for them, they are
having some struggles due to their grandpa's health failing. It's sad.
I guess I kind of know what it's like. We then went to have tea at a
members house with the elders for the first time, that was fun. And a
bit totally weird. Went and saw P and R again. They are
seriously great.

Day 185: tried to see some people, summer makes missionary work
sometimes harder since no one ever seems to be in any more, even when
they say they will be. We got a text from some random number asking if
it I was that "American lass" that had knocked on his door. Funny how
random stuff like that happens. We also got another text from the less
active we met for the first time saying her partner was okay with her
seeing us again, so that was a huge comfort.

Day 186: Ch came to church again! She is so great. I also sang in
sacrament meeting. After church we went and saw Ch again. We just
have to keep slowly working with her. It'll be good. She still wants
to be baptised so that's great. Not too much else exciting happened
this week... Sorry for the boring email! I love you guys! ❤️

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