Friday, September 2, 2016

Week 24: Transfer 5

Yup, last night we got the phone call for transfer 5. Of course,
Sister Lundahl and I are staying quite comfortably right here. York 1
transfer 5 here I come!

Day 173:  We ended up going out for lunch with the York 2 sisters, to a real
restaurant, which was so weird... It was pretty good, we had a good
time. We then went around to some shops and headed over to the church
for zone p-day, which was way fun. The Culberts have the funniest
games for us to play. Afterwards, we went out finding before going out
to see P.

Day 174: ran around trying to have lessons and them not working out
for us... That's never fun.... What was fun was a little project we
were putting together for district meeting the next day. We had been
assigned to instruct on fun finding... So we went around videoing
ourselves talking to people (Sister Lundahl's idea). Don't worry, we
got permission from these people. It was hilarious. Had tea at the
Cosens, went to ward coordination, normal missionary stuff. Not all
that exciting of a day.

Day 175: okay, we had possibly the best district meeting ever. The
people in my district are a bit crazy, I love them, plus we had the
zone leaders, and they always have these wild ideas as well
Learned lots, felt the spirit, man, it was weird though. We finally
got a hold of Ch!!! Set something up for the next day. 😊 oh, I
almost lost Sister Lundahl. Without meaning to, I got off the bus
without her, I bought she was right behind me, like usual, but no...
Thankfully, she got off the bus at the next stop... Yeah, in case you
were wondering, I am the worst trainer ever... Man, I almost went into
a panic.

Day 176: went knocking, talked to some lovely people, made some new
friends. Finally saw Ch again! Not only were we able to lift her
spirits, but in general reassure her that everything was alright and
it'll all work out in the end. So that was great. For sure how to
follow the spirit as to how we could help her... Ended up seeing L,
which is always nice. Found out that apparently in our mission we are
all going to get a free flu shot... So yeah. Keeping up on that I

Day 177: went and saw T for the first time in forever. Her
daughter S was also there, so it was a good chance for us to shat
with her as well. T wants to get to the temple, so we are going to
try and help her in that. Went and saw S, that was of course
lovely. And then we went to Ch's. We retaught her the first
lesson, and she seemed to understand it a lot better, the spirit was
for sure there, it was cool. She even prayed at the end, which she
hasn't done in forever. And she still wants to get baptised! She said
she feels like the first time, she wasn't ready, but now she feels
more confident. So that was super awesome.

Day 178: Happy 6 year anniversary Chelsey and Owen! Knocked for a long
time.... That was fun of course.... Had tea with Ch at the
Barton's home. So nice of them to have us all. And they have just been
so kind to her. They are also helping her get started on her family
history, which is so great of them. Afterwards, we ended up going to
go see K. And I really feel like she is starting to maybe have a
bit of a change of heart in things. And while she was expressing a
concern of hers to us, all of a sudden, from her neighbors house, we
hear, "don't worry, be happy."

Day 179: Ch came to church and loved it! S bore her testimony
and her family came to support her! We taught gospel principles and it
went just fine! Basically, it was a pretty good Sunday. 😊

Hope you guys are all having a good week! Love you all! ❤️❤️❤️

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