Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 28: Service With a Smile :)

Day 201: During p-day Sister Lundahl and I bought a notebook and wrote
our testimonies in it for Ch. We also printed out a picture of all of us at her baptism.
And then bought a frame for it. When we gave it to her
that night she was soooo happy and surprised. Love her.

Day 202: Did lots of finding, that was fun. Also went to see B
and then later, R. Pretty uneventful day more or less.

Day 203: Was feeling a bit low.... But we ended up having good day!
Found some people, taught some less actives, got an opportunity to
give service.... It was just a good day.

Day 204: Went out to a random village on the outside of the main part
of York. Nice to get out of Acomb for a bit. Plus we met some nice
people, so that is always great!

Day 205: We were out knocking when the elders came walking down
the road...Apparently they had planned to knock the same road, awkward. Got
flogged a few times, found some potentials, good stuff. Went and saw
S, that's always great. Her son Sh actually sat in the whole lesson, we
still have hopes for him!

Day 206: Went by Sh, but she was sleeping, so we just left a note.
We then headed out to help L with the elders to move a cemented
together rock wall from one place to another in her back garden. It
was hard work, but it felt really good actually, different and out of
our usual routine. Showed up one of the elders by moving a rock he
didn't want to lift. Lol. Went by P that evening. It was a good day.

Day 207: Went to church without anyone with us, no investigators, no
less actives, no recent converts.... It was kinda sad, but they all
had their reasons and such. So we sat by a member... And then towards
the end of sacrament meeting, I see Sh with her girls, and also her
friend, G and her daughter, M. M ended up running in and
sitting with us, the rest of them stayed out in the hall till the
sacrament was over. But they were all there, and they enjoyed it. 😊
Miracles happen! Did some finding after that... Yup. That's been my

What can I say? Service to others brings miracles, even if the miracle
is completely unattached to the service you are giving. It's great!

Sister Barret


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