Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 27: the sun shines on the righteous

Our lovely elderly neighbour Barry said this to us as we were leaving
the flat Sunday. He couldn't have been more right! We did have another
day of more or less lovely weather. Seriously, Sister Lundahl has only
had like four days of being really rained on since coming on her
mission. It was basically every day when I came out... She thinks
England is a beautiful sunshiny place... Just wait. In like a week
it'll be back to raining every day.... Oh well.

Day 194: Had some fish and chips. Played lots of volleyball with the
other missionaries. So fun. Slightly crashed the other ward’s barbecue.
Good day in general. Talk to the same guy for the third time. Went to
Ch's and started making baptism arrangements.

Day 195: Was sore from playing volleyball... Fixed up Ch's
baptismal programme. We then went
and saw Ch. Had a lesson with her, then she had to go to sort
something out at the bank, we promised her it'd be alright when we
prayed together, we then did some service for her by helping out in
her front garden.  While we were still working, she came back, and she said
she felt really calm when she got to the bus stop, and then at the
bank it was all alright. So yay! That was great. Miracles happen as
you serve those around you! 😊 Also, a very affectionate cat showed up
half way through, that was weird... We then saw S, who is still so
strong and amazing. Went to ward coordination, always a fun one. And
then we went to go find Sh.... And we did! We finally saw her
again. Her friends are becoming less wary of us as we pop up more
often, I've decided we are going to baptise all of them one day. πŸ˜‰
you never know...

Day 196: Had some potential lessons that didn't work out, that's
always rough. Also went by a member, but she was running out. You know
what is awkward? When you are knocking somewhere, and like a door to
door salesperson comes behind you and ends up passing you.... Yeah, we
go elsewhere because people really don't like us then... Had tea at
the C’s, and then went to see Ch with Sister Barton. That was
super great. Sister Barton has such an amazing testimony of the
gospel. The Barton’s were converts when they were a young family, and
they have such amazing testimonies. Love them. Plus, they have been
super helpful with family history.

Day 197: Zone Conference! It was like a dual, zone training and zone
conference.... That lasted for about seven and a half hours.... It was
a bit of a long day, but it went fast because it was of course great!
I love my zone leaders, they are so hilarious. For this conference,
they came up with a hilarious little hashtag for all of us to remember
what we learned:  #crownsup πŸ‘‘ yeah. That's a thing now. And it
is because we are kingdom builders, we are heirs to a heavenly throne
and we are here to help others find their divine potential as well.
Yup. Everyone should use it. And throughout the time we were together,
Elder Iakopo or Elder SchΓ€fer would randomly say "Crowns up!" and we
would all put our hands to our head, fingers spread wide, for our
crowns. I feel like that sums up just how crazy missionaries are....

But besides that, we had a very uplifting, inspiring, and instructive
conference. We talked a lot a lot a lot about member involvement and
how it truly is the key. We all need to work together in helping our
brothers and sisters return to live with God again. Because who
doesn't want that? We all want to be able to run up to each other at
that day, rejoicing that the other was able to find the gospel and
stay strong in it. Such an amazing thing to think about. So I
thought it was great to receive some instruction on the subject. A
member in the York stake high council came to speak to us and he said
something interesting about what he discovered about sharing the
gospel with his friends:  that it is never too early to invite them to
something. Doesn't have to be learning from the missionaries or coming
to church that first time, but even just inviting them into his home,
inviting them to a ward activity, less scary things like that. He has
come to find it really does work and he's seen lots of his friends
accept the gospel. I share this not because I want all of you to start
inviting everyone you know to everything, but maybe think of one
person and a small way you can help introduce them to the gospel so
they could accept it one day. We also talked a lot about finding and
having the faith to find, which is something that once again, I needed
to hear. Cause I have been struggling in that particular aspect of
missionary work lately.... Even though I know I clearly haven't spoken
to everyone yet and I obviously still have a reason to be here in
York. It's something I understand intellectually, but I'm having a
hard time with the faith aspect of it. Alas, there are always people.
Just gotta keep going!

Day 198: Ch is so excited for her baptism! Knocked some doors,
nothing too crazy. Tried to see Sh again, but she has had a lot of
crazy things happen lately. πŸ˜•

Day 199: Ch's baptism! It happened! We had some minor scares, but
it all worked out! It was beautiful! Everything went so well. She had
a bit of an anxiety attack after going into the water, but we got her
out, she was able to do it! And a few minutes later, she was soooo
happy! Just glowing. She was so full of lovely feelings. Sister
Lundahl and I made some really great refreshments, that was fun. It
was a lovely service. Because we were in the Relief Society room
instead of the chapel due to York 2  having a baptism in there,
and a wedding that was there 95% of the
day.... Oh well. We made it work. Got everything cleaned up and set up
in time! It was great. Ch was just so so happy and excited.

Day 200: Can you believe it's been 200 days? Feels like a lot when I
say that. Oh well. Ch was confirmed! She was once again, so happy.
It was great. After church, we went and saw P, who said we were an
answer to her prayer, and then went and saw K. And that was that!
A good week over all!

Love all of you!

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