Friday, September 2, 2016

Week 26: Miracles

Day 187: After pday, we went to go see Ch. Oh my gosh, an amazing
thing happened. She finally opened up to us. She told us her whole
life story, and oh my gosh it was amazing. She is an amazing person
and she makes so much more sense to us now! She had gone to do family
history for the first time that morning and she loved it. I now have a
testimony that doing family history produces absolute miracles. It was
the breakthrough we needed to continue to help her progress.

Day 188: Normal day... Someone didn't show, no one wanted to talk with
us, visited with some members, knocked on some doors, went to a
meeting.... All good stuff.

Day 189: After district meeting and before heading out on exchange
Elder Barney gave me a blessing. We then went to their area and had a
good day. It was the first time I went on exchange with an STL other
than Sister Barry! Sister Connolly was so sweet and said some
very nice things to me. Very motivational, which I suppose is the
whole point.

Day 190: Rained all day, which I thought was appropriate. Saw Ch
and she showed us some photos of her life which was so cool to see.
Saw S which is always great of course.

Day 191: Ch's birthday was today! We surprised her with a cake,
she was so happily surprised! And she passed her baptismal interview!
Yay! We then went to tea with the elders at bishops house. And then we
went and saw L, and we hopefully have helped her to set a goal with
herself to come to church... So we will see.

Day 192: had a potential lesson, that was a bit odd. He had to after
being there for like five minutes... Oh well. Visited with some other
members. The elders came and gave Ch a blessing, that was great.

Day 193: Started figuring things out for Ch's baptism next week...
Not sure how it'll work out, but I know it will. And I know this
because during the sacrament,no had been praying about it, and then
all of the talks during sacrament meeting were about how God performs
miracles for those who trust in Him. So I was sitting there thinking,
well Heavenly Father, I get the picture, I just need to move forward
and trust Him. After church, we went and saw another less active
member, that was of course lovely. She's such a sweetie.

So that has been my week, hope you guys are doing well and seeing
miracles for yourself! Love you!

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