Friday, September 2, 2016

Week 23: Patience!

Patience, something I have been trying to acquire more of in my life,
which may have been a mistake though to I pray for.... Because this
week for sure tried my patience. I felt like I had no energy on top of
all the crazy that happened... So here is hoping for a better week
ahead of me!

Day 166:  Ran into Sh grocery shopping again and still
couldn't believe that the baby hadn't come yet. After p-day, we went
to York2 to go on exchange! I ended up just coming back to York 1
though so we could go to the YSA FHE with an investigator. That was
fun. Haven't been to an FHE like that since like the beginning of my

Day 167: Not the most exciting exchanges have been on ever. Not a
whole lot to say about it to be honest.

Day 168: did some finding. Nothing too crazy.... Started getting
serious about baptism planning. Stuff like that. I decided that I
would never say no to missionaries when I'm back unless I have a
really good reason.

Day 169: made Ch programme, she's super excited, we are excited
as well, it's going great! Met a really cool guy and taught him for
the first time. Other normal missionary stuff.

Day 170: a bit of a roller coaster day... Lots of running around.
Ch is starting to get a bit nervous about being baptised.... But
we tried to help her as best we could and she said she would be fine
tomorrow. So here is hoping!

Day 171: Went and saw K for the first time! Seriously, the
cutest newborn baby I have ever seen. And A is so cute with her.
They are all so pretty. We weren't there long though because we had to
run to Ch's to go see her and go over some things before her
baptism that evening. We got to her house....the curtains were
closed....there was a note on the door... It read, Sorry, gone to
Lincoln, Ch. Yup. So that was a bit disappointing. Thankfully,
Brother Wilkinson was with us, so he immediately said that he would
let the ward know, that was handy. We called the elders and some other
people, but then went home to have the second half of our lunch hour
since we had cut it short earlier to get everything in, Elder Vickers
thought it'd be a good idea for us to do. So then we went to the park
with the elders so we could hand them J over gracefully. Even
though it was awkward and took some time, it was our best decision. We
then went by some other less actives. The York two sisters ended up
spending the night. It was fun stuff.

Day 172: Not a very exciting Sunday... J still came to church with
the elders, that was good. A less active we have been working with
came, that was awesome too. Did some finding, knocked some doors,
talked to people who have spoken to me before... Went and saw R
and made some muffins! Yum! She used to work at a bakery, so she is a

And that's my week. Hope you guys are all doing great!

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